Best Days for Rahu Ketu Pooja at Sri Kalahasti Temple (Auspicious Timings)

Rahu Ketu Pooja is the popular ritual observed at Sri Kalahasti Temple to nullify the effect of Rahu Dosha, Ketu Dosha, Sarpa Dosha, Kalasarpa Dosha, Naga Dosha, Sarpa Hatya Dosha, etc..

It is to note that Rahu Ketu Pooja is an ideal remedy for those who are facing the problems in getting married, in begetting children, marital problems, family issues, health, etc. Those who are struggling in professional field i.e. in job, career and higher education can also perform this pooja to get rid of all ill-effects.

The best days for Rahu Ketu Pooja At Sri Kalahasti Temple or any other Temple is —

Chaturthi (Fourth day of a Paksha in Hindu month), Panchami (Fifth day), Sashti (Sixth day), Purnima (Full Moon), Sura Grahanam (Solar Eclipse), Chandra Grahanam (Lunar Eclipse), any Tuesday, and any Ashlesha Nakshatra day.

Though, throughout the day and night, Rahu Ketu poojas are held in Sri Kalahasti, Rahukalam is the ideal time for Rahu Ketu Puja.

Monday-  7.30 am to 9 am

Tuesday – 3 pm to 4.30 pm

Wednesday – 12 O’clock to 1.30 pm

Thursday – 1.30 pm to 3 pm

Friday – 10.30 am to 12 noon

Saturday – 9.00 am to 10.30 am

Sunday – 4.30 pm to 6 pm

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  1. Manjyot says:

    can do pooja in kalahasti 6th day after period

  2. Sowjanya says:

    rahu in ardha nakshatra on 30 6 2013 effects

    • Keerthana.K.A says:

      How can book for RahuKethu Pooja for my daughter on 2nd September 2018 on online. please inform the same to my email.

  3. Trailokva says:

    is this auspicious to perform pooja at srikalahasti on nag panchami

  4. Varaahamihir says:

    best time to do rahu kethu pooja at sri kalahasti

  5. kranthi says:

    hai sir can i do rahu kethu pooja on purnami day (09/09/2014)



    Iam Prashanthi planning to visit on 29/11/2014 for kala sarpa dosha.
    Can u plz tell me that ,can i eat any thing before attending to puja.

  7. pramodh says:

    Should we need to do any booking before coming to temple? If yes give me details to book for kalasarpa dosha pooja.

  8. M.S.Chokhani says:

    Dear Sir

    This is to inform you that i am planning to visit to kalhasti from Kolkata for Puja on 22.12.14, in this regard i like to have some advices :-

    what is the difference between Rahu kalam &Rahu Ketu Pooja
    I have been advised by my priest in kolkata to book the ticket for Rs.1500/- for puja at 7.30AM. how do i book for ticket now.
    Is pooja will be performed in Hindi/English/Telagu. as i am north Indian & do not know south Indian language.
    is their any dress code for gents & ladies during pooja or we can wear normal pant, shirt & saree for ladies
    My wife is having problem in Hip & she is not able to sit on floor and as per doctor’s advice her hip needs to be replaced also advised by doctor not to try sitting on floor. In that case, is there any arrangement (like small tool/ plastic chair etc.) is available in pooja hall for such kind of persons who can not sit on floor. She can manage sitting one foot above of ground / floor level.
    Pooja will be performed on 22.12.14 in morning & my train is in midnight of 22.12.14 from Tirupati will reach kolkata on 24.12.14 (Early morning). we have to spent whole day of 22.12.14 in hotel at Tirupati& next day (23.12.14) will be spent in Train.Therefore, we can not reach home on same day

    your valuable advice will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks & regards

    HP 9903884097

  9. keshavan p pillay says:

    i and my wife will be visiting shri kalahasti temple on 28/2/2015 around 8 am to do sharpa dosham pooja , how to do the booking for vip (rs.1500) after that we will be going to our hotel and next day only we will be leaving to mumbai in our house. is it ok. please advice me and help me.

    thank u.

  10. Vijaykumar says:

    Iam attend rahuketu puja in 12/1/2015 iam coming to sunday night arya vysya satram please reaceive my comment

  11. Basavraj says:

    Sir I have Kaal Sarp Dosha and Pitra Dosha in my kundali.For kaal Sarp Dosha i have done Sarp Samskara Puja at Kukke Subramanyam. I would like to Know can Pitra Dosh Puja is done at Shri Kaalhasti.Can u tell me the name of this Puja.?

  12. Sravanthi says:

    Hello Admin,

    I performed Rahu Kethu pooja before my marriage in Guntur district.
    My marriage life is not good now. I am staying at my mother’s home(Village) with my infant baby.
    From past 4 months I am doing job in Hyderabad. I am staying in Hyderabad for job purpose.
    We are planning to go pilgrimage ( Tirupati and Srikalahasthi) from my mother’s home.
    Can I perform Rahu Kethu pooja again or kala sarpa dosham pooja to get good marriage life.
    I heard that after performing pooja don’t go to relatives (My mother’s) home. Can i go to my mother’s home or go to where i am staying present (Hyderabad).

    Please reply as early as possible.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Naveen Sanagala says:

      There is no rule like you said above. But as per some elders, when we return from a pilgrimage, we need to go home directly taking the prasadam. No rule mentioned anywhere to not go others’ house in return journey.

  13. Pavana says:

    Hi Sir,

    Please let me know wheather i have kala sarpa dosha in my jathaka. I was born on 23/05/1991 10:00am Thursday. If i have dosha then , please suggest me which day is good to do pooja.

    Thanks in advance

  14. nagamani s.b says:

    Hi, can kala sarpadosha poja can perform on amavasya? Feb-18-2015? Kindly reply

  15. e.manjunath says:

    plz change the rahu kethu pooja not a friday all days are pooja cheyale some body persons are coming in long plz try the all days rahu kethu pooja

  16. Mr. Manohar says:

    Hi can kala sarpadosa pooja can perform on akadashi?31Mar 2015. Kindly reply..

  17. kilaru anil kumar says:

    sir im anil i would like to know among ordinary and special and vip rahu ketu poojas which one shows good effect

  18. B C Kumara says:

    Sir i want to perform rahu ketu pooja in the month of April-2015 please tell me auspecious days for Purva badra nakshatra

  19. yuvaraj says:

    Should I take bath and leave the clothes after pooja completed.

  20. radhika says:

    sir, we need to perform rahu kethu pooja on 21st may 2015 at srikalahasthi. pls give the information how to book online.

  21. merikapudiamareswara rao says:

    how can book for rahukethu pooja on line. please inform the same to my Email.

  22. Bhaskara Kumar says:


    Please inform me how i will book Rahukethu pooja 750/- for 16 May 2015 very urgent

    thanx & Regards,

  23. Anusha says:

    I want to perform sarpa dosha nivarana pooja on 21 apr tuesday. so please guide me timings and can I eat anything or not before performing pooja. Please mail to my

  24. Jagadeesh says:

    I want perform sarpadosha Pooja how to book a online ticket

  25. S. SURESH KUMAR says:

    from past 10 years i am facing problems to get Govt. job in Railways, so now on 08/05/2015 Friday i am performing the Rahu Kethu Pooja at Sri Kalahasti Temple, this is the first time so, please guide me the timing and let me know that some people say that after completing the Rahu Kethu pooja we should not take the Blessing of Lord Sri Venkateshwara Swamy. and we should Return Back to home. its True or not. should i take the Blessing of Lord Sri Venakteshwara Swamy or not after completing Rahu Kethu’s
    Pooja. please tell me and guide me soon by mail. waiting for your reply.
    Thanking you.
    s.suresh kumar.
    e-mail ID:


    Rahu kethu puja on 18/05/2015
    7:30 to 9:00 plese infarmetion
    Kotari Rajkumar

  27. Gouri Shsnkar says:

    Kindly send the good day for Rahu Ketu Pooja

  28. Manmohan Singh Bhatt says:

    Have done my Nagadosham prayers at Sri KalaHasti in 2010.Can i do this same prayer again this year.Please advise.
    Thank you
    manmohan singh bhatt
    kuala lumpur,malaysia.

  29. Rohith reddy says:

    I have done rahu ketu pooja in srikalahsti on 11th may,2015. I have taken 1500rs ticket for this..where 3 coconuts has been given for us..when i went to broken this 3 coconuts 2 have been spoiled. I’am so much worried will there be any wrong to me. Plz give reply.

  30. Raanie says:

    Hi sir gdmorning .i will be going to your temple with my friends daughter to do the raju ketu poojo .After prayers we are going to Thirupathy .stay a night .Next day go for prayers can I visit after going to kala shanti to Thirupathy. Pls let me know pls help me . Thanks Raanie

  31. suresh desham says:

    Sir, my name is Suresh am visiting to srikalahasti temple date of 5-6-2015
    Sir I want rahu ketuvu puja an temple details an what accommodation an we r the first wisiting sir so please give me the all details for temple information.
    Thanks you

  32. m.kirn kumar says:

    hi sir my name is kiran ,so i want to rahu ketu puja ,bcause of my family problems ,so give me the details of rahu ketu puja thank you sir

  33. Devi says:

    hi, I want to bring my son, for rahu ketu (special puja) I am from Malaysia,coming first time. His Natchatrim is Utradam Maharam . Can u tell me where I can stay there, I also want to go Tripati Temple.After rahu ketu pooja should I come strait back home please advice also what is the best time to do ragu ketu poja thank You Devi

  34. m.rajasekhar says:

    I want to do rahu ketu puja but i don’t know howmuch the puja ticket and other could u pls tell me sir



  36. VENKAT says:

    Before going to perform RAGHU-KUTHU pooja, one can purchase three good coconuts separately from temple out-side stall to replace the spoiled coconuts during pooja time.One need not to feel if he finds the spoiled coconut at the time of pooja. That time one may not have good one in hand to replace.If all the temple-supplied coconuts are good,then the spare ones can be donated to somebody.

  37. chaitanya says:

    I am in abroad. Can you do RAhu ketu pooja for me .

  38. Prabhu B Mural says:

    DOB 17-09-1968 POB Savadatti , Karnataka State ,Rashi Karnataka. Sir pls tell me which pooja shd I serve.

  39. kavyashree says:

    i want to perform rahu ketu sarpa dosha puja on 13 july …. i want to book online ticket for dis puja of 1500rs…. how can i book it online …..n i want a nice hotel near by kalahasthi temple… any prerequisites for dis pooja… n after pooja any restrictions to be follwed….. after pooja shoould clothes to be discarded……..

  40. Madhu Krishnan Nair says:

    I would like to perform Rahu Kethu Pooja for my daughter on 15.11.15 Sunday the best day to perform during Rahu kalam 4.30 pm to 6 Pm. What time we want to attent the temple counter for ticket?

  41. Raghavendra says:

    Name raghavendra d.o.b29/1/1987 time9.45pm which day and rahukalam time is bettr to me to do rahuketu puja at kalahasti plzz suggests aftr puja bathng cloth removng

  42. Vinayak Banakar says:

    Respected Sir,

    My details are as follows
    TOB: 8:45 A.M
    POB: Dharwad(Karnataka)
    Is there Kala sarpa dosha in my jathaka?

  43. Banu says:

    I had kugadosham what pooja to do pls tell me and where its done

  44. shivalingam says:

    My date of birth 9-4-1981 at 9.00 pm my problem is health and wealth wht to do slove this i done rahu kathu pooja in kalahasthi 2013 pls tell me to over come

  45. Saravanan Muthu says:

    is there any provision for advance bookinf got Raghu Kethu pooja for sunday

  46. nagalatha says:

    dear sir,

    my dob is 28th november 1978, in my life from chilhood i am facing many problems but now i have one criminal case on me please let me know whether i will win that or not.



  47. pankaj kumar sinha says:

    . kindly guide me for rahu ketu puja in 10th September .please allocate right time for puja through my e mail.
    Pankaj sinha

  48. P.v.s prasad rao says:

    Dear Sir..
    My date of birth is 29.6.1979 i am facing the problems till birth unstability in job.debt are in creasing noprogrees in career and financial i am getting fed up from this miserable life so please provide a solution for this i will be thankful to you.

  49. Indumathi says:

    Hi,I have kalasharpa dosha,I did lot of Puja still problems not solving every day I struggle for small things pls advice..
    My DOB is 16-9-1982,timings 4:00 am


    dear sir
    my date of birth 26-07-1980, time 11-20 am ,birth place- amravati , state – maharastra.rashi- dhanu ,
    please detail my kundali and suggage in puja
    from dhananjay range

  51. fathimabegum says:

    sir,my dob is 24/1/1975.Already once i perfmd dis pooja.But still i hv prblms.Cn i agn prfm dis pooja?

  52. Devi says:

    Are there any rooms
    at Devastanam for accommodation and how can i book

  53. N.sai Chaitanya says:

    My son marriage is being delayed,my son is USA he is having visa problem .his date of birth is 22-01-1983 can you advice can parents perform Rahul Ketu Pooja on behalf my son if so on which day.

  54. Raja says:

    Is there on line resavation for rahu kethu pooja and how to book

  55. Padmanabhan S says:

    Which day Monday or Tuesday is Best day for Rahu Ketu Pooja at sri kalahasti Temple?
    After the pooja, can i visit any other places?

  56. kalyani says:

    Is there online reservation for kala sarpadosha and how to book..? I want to perform kala DARPA dosha nivarana pooja on 3 Nov Tuesday…….so,pls guide me temple timings and phone numbers………after pooja any restrictions to followed..what time want to attempted the temple counter for tickets.

  57. kasthuri says:

    Hi sir
    We are planning to go for sri kalahasti, I have a doubt that when will to take bath after pooja or before pooja. And is Sunday good for doing this pooja?

  58. mahesh babu says:

    Hi sir
    My brother marriage date is desired but he was tried to rahau kethu pooja so please tell me the wich day was is the best of the pooja

  59. Kiran Kumar says:

    hello Sir,

    I want to know, is there any doshas there to my son born on 17.05.1999 at 11.45 am in Kakinada, A.P.
    So that i want to do the remedies.
    I want to perform Rahu ketu puja for him, which day is good for him?

  60. Debasree Sekhar says:

    My DOB is 26/8/1970 in Kolkata time 8.02am
    Would like to know whether I have Rahu of Ketu does.

  61. sir is sunday ideal day for rahu ketu pooja???

  62. Ranganath Kalle says:

    After Rahu Ketu Pooja , can we go to any other places or should we get back home?
    Pleas clarify.Thanks.

  63. Vinothini says:

    Hi sir,

    I need to do ragu ketu pooja on 21st feb. is it possible to come back on the same day and which time is preferable within that?

  64. Rajiv says:

    My daughters DOB is 18.9.1991, Time 00:35 hrs., Place : Delhi.
    I have been adviced for that she is having Manglik Dosha (partially).
    we are facing problems in her marriage & have been adviced for getting a pooja done for Rahu n Ketu.
    pl. advice if it is to be done. 7 if so what is the ideal time for the same.
    since we rae placed at Mathura UP currently do we have to visit the tempel physically for the same.

  65. mahesh says:

    You need to stay a night before u perform pooja and after pooja n darshan u should not take bath or change clothes u wear and directly u should come back to ur house and not to visit any friend n relation house inbetween till u reach house. U can hv refreshment in hotels but not in other house

  66. shylaja says:

    Hi sir
    My Name is k.shylaja and DOB is 19/07/1991. TOB is between 10:30pm to 11pm friday. Kindly tell me when should I perform rahu kethu Pooja.
    Thank you in advance..

  67. Sanjay says:

    We provide guidance for rahu kethu pooja bookings and hotel bookings in srikalahasti, can be contacted on 08106499931 any time for further details.

  68. Hari Varma says:

    My daughter name is LAHARI. Her DOB is 24/12/1992.TOB is 10: 15 pm .place of birth is Rajam.According to the details which day is better for rahu ketu and kuja Devuni puja…in kalahasti.How many days we have to stay there and can u say the pooja details.?

  69. Pradeep mohan dixit says:

    Sir, I want to perform Rahu- ketu pooja on 14 april 2016. Kindly tell me about the process said pooja.

  70. sanjay says:

    Tirupati-Srikalahasti package tours, srikalahasti hotel bookings, rahukethu puja details contact on 8106499931

  71. Mamatha M says:

    sarpa dosha nivaarana pooja and Kula dosha nivaaraana pooja timings in sri kalahasti temple on tuesday let me know?

  72. Mamatha M says:

    dear sir…, Mamatha DOB on 8/12/1990 Saturday at 7.00 am. let me know the any doosha is der? and when we should do? marriage problem…


    hello… my name is raj and my DOB is 09/081991..i dont know the timing… I’m done with rahu kethu pooja today.. my mom dad said you sit on this pooja u will get job soon is this true… bcoz i don’t have job frm last 5 years… I’m just sitting at home like a furniture

  74. G v varalakshmi says:

    Which day is good for performing rahu ketu puja in this month

  75. Shivaranjani says:

    Hello sir I am shivaranjani my DOB is 03/06/1991 timings is 11.30am my searching for a job I am not getting.i am coming to tirupati for darasan nd I Wanted to pooja at srikalasti on 4th June 2016 at which time I should do pooja to get job soon for me plse suggest me soon

  76. Jagadeesh says:

    Tuesday is considered the best day to perform Rahu Ketu pooja, but any day is good. But performing pooja during Rahu kalam is most auspicious.

  77. Ravikiran says:


    i dont now, which dosa is there in my horoscope.Now my marraige is delayed.Which pooj to be done & What time.
    i will be visit on 29/05/2016

  78. S.shakila says:

    I belong to Muslim community, iam not having gotram & janma nakshatram, in this what is the procedure to perform puja

  79. Prabhakar Rao Puli says:

    Dear sir,
    I was born on 30th June 1958 at 5.50 AM pl see any dosha in my chart and also give me right time of remedy pooja to perform in the month of July 2016

  80. nirmala ganasekar says:

    How can apply online bookings. I want to be book on july 1st Friday ragu kalam

  81. Murugayee says:

    Hai sir,
    My name is Murugayee My DOB is 13.03.1993 and Time 11.15 PM Please let me inform Any Dosham for me and Which Age I can Marriage.

  82. T V R Devi says:

    hi sir,

    i am devi.for marriage purpose we want to do rahu ketu pooja.can we do september 3 2016.please tell me.based on that we will come Sri kalahasti.

  83. penumalla suresh reddy says:

    Rahu ketu puja satarday 23.6.2016

  84. vijayakumar V Enagimath says:

    Dear sir,
    I am vijayakumar and my DOB is 21 /07/1974 broun at 11 :20 am place bagalkot Karnataka India I am facing many problems of ( family distarbuance, my career down trend and suffer individual, fainacal , I am pain full feeling.

  85. purnachandrarao says:

    sir i want to perform rahu ketu pooja pls let me know which day can we do pooja for marriage perpouse. waiting fro ur kind reply.


  86. Kokila says:

    Hi we got married on feb 26th 2015 so one of astrolger suggest to do rahu kethu pooja so pls suggest me date and timings of pooja
    Kokila & pradeep

  87. Aaranjita says:

    Namaste sir… Please help me iam in a big problem, i lost my son, I don’t under stand what I do, We are crying every day for children my dob_22nd july1992 early morning 4 to 5 o”clock my rashi_ meen, star_ revathi, POB_ khurda road(Bhubaneswar) Odisha, my rashi name_ Chandra kala every one call me Aparanjita, my husband dob_ 29 Sep 1982, I don’t know the time, Pob_Allahabad (Up), my husbands name is Sujit Kumar it’s not a rashi name, Our marrage held in 4th February 2014, after marriage one, two times held miss Carrys last time I delivered boy kid in March 21, 2016 evening at 4:06pm and April 27th my son’s health was very serious because his digestive system is completly dammaged so 30th April held operation in his digestive system but 13 th May morning 9 o”clock he is dead, so what I do sir please tell me any Sarpa Doshas or any other Doshams in my or my husband’s kundali why this type of childrens problems held with us, iam very tencion and afride to think for next baby, please suggest me when I think my next baby, which time is good for us and I think to do rahu, ketu, kala sarpadosha puja in sri kala hasti, when I do this puja, which time is good for this puja please tell me the details sir, and please tell me any type of pariharas I can do, please give me any way sir, I wait for your valuble suggestion sir..
    Thank you so much advance…

  88. Vinay Govind Sane says:

    Respected Sir,
    Sir I want to Ask u if we take the Darshan of Lord Kalahasti or perform puja of Rahu-Katu dosh Nivaran.Then after finish puja can we take the Darshan of Lord Venkatesha and In Maharashtra Mahalaxmi Temple.
    Pls Guide us.
    Thanking You,
    Vinay Sane.

  89. Sanjay says:

    My son is 9 yrs old.ragu thisai is running he is not Go to school.he is not interesting in is sanjay. Ragu thosam parikaram pannalama

  90. Sanjay says:

    Srikalahasti – Tirupati package tours, hotel room bookings, Srikalahasti RAHUL KETHU pooja details in a single call – 8106499931

  91. Bharavi says:

    In my janma kundli in 8th house Rahu and chandra together. Kindly let me know which kind of Pooja should I do in Shree kalahasti temple

  92. bhavana says:

    Hi sir
    Sunday rahu ketu pooja perform
    Timing pl sir

  93. S Mounika says:

    Sir nenu already Rahu keta Puja cheyinchu kunanu kani apati nunchi naku studies Baga problem ayindi malli cheyinchu kuntey problem solve avutundi please reply

  94. S Mounika says:

    Nenu Tirupati lo chuduvukutunanu ekada sarswati temple ekada ledu aythey Rahu keta Puja cheyinchu ko avasaram Leda sarswati Puja cheyinchu kuntey please reply

  95. S Mounika says:

    Nenu Tirupati lo chaduvutunanu ekada dagara lo saraswti temple ledu e Puja cheyinchukuntey rahu keta Puja avasaram Leda

  96. S Mounika says:

    Sir naku studies lo emi gurutundatam ledu e problem 1 year nunchi start ayindi epudu Rahu ketu Puja cheyinchu kovacha

  97. S Mounika says:

    Surtupalli e side Tirupati nunchi buses untayi e Puja cheyinchu kuntey antha bagundi kada amduku avutundi antey already I am facing problems please reply

  98. haripriya says:

    d.o.b-4th june 1973.Cuddapah.Time-1.21 am.Naku kala sarpa dosham unda?

  99. S Mounika says:

    19 July 1996 date of birth timings9.30 emi ayna dosham unda

  100. S Mounika says:

    Surtupalli ki Tirupati nunchi buses untaya entha time padutundi endhuku antha adugutunamu antey already I y facing problems please reply

  101. Dharam says:

    what will be best time to perform rahu ketu pooja either on 16th April 2017 & 17th April 2017. Thanks!

  102. Meghna harishankar dixit says:

    Would like to get Rahu ketu puja performed during holi Poonam….My birthday. Please share details about what to send and mode of payment.
    Thank you

  103. Dr.kannan says:

    Plz tell me, Is raghu ketu pooja available on coming 29 Jan 2017, Sunday sir in Sri kalahasti temple.

  104. kiranmayi says:

    My name is kiranmayi, my date of birth is 16th October 1986 .how can I perform rahu ketu pooja and at what time

  105. Vkrishna says:

    rahu ketu pooja anna kala sarpa pooja anna okkatena …………… naku triambakeswar daggara … so akkada rahu ketu ani ledu kal sarpa ani anni chotla undi ….. e rendu same eh na

  106. Panith says:

    What is the best day for rahu kethu puja for [simha rasi, maka nakshathram] ?

  107. prasad says:

    nakku koni probles unnai
    1,kuja dosham and rahu kethu and angarka dosha ee muudu okatayna? puja yay roju chaystay Bhaguntundhu?(week and Timing)
    3.malli E puja kuda varay puja chaykudadha?(like Rahukalm puja)
    4.puja price?

  108. mounika sundari says:

    rahu keta epudu cheyinchu kovali

  109. Vijay agrawal says:

    We want to do pooja of kal sarp dosha on 24th feb at rahu kalam 10.30 am to 12 pkez guide me.
    Vijay agrawal

  110. Ravi says:

    On Amavasya day, can i do rahu kethu pooja at Srikalahasthi…
    Is it’s best on amavasya day…

  111. vikramaditya says:

    Hello sir when can I do Rahu ketu Pooja for kalasarpa dosham my DOB is 13/03/1978.Time-9:35 PM.for marriage purpose

  112. vivek says:

    Visiting tirupati on 27 th feb 2017 and have to return on 1st march 2017 please tell that what is the auspicious date of rahu puja and what is the charges . What help i can get from you

  113. Neeha says:

    sir nenu kala sarpa dosha puja cheyagane naku tmpl lo undaga periods vachayi adi kuda idi naku period time kadu idi edina problem avutunda pls help me sir nenu chala bhayapadutunnanu

  114. Sudhir says:

    When Rahu kethu puja we do sir

  115. Pradeep kumar says:

    Wen what do rahu nd ketu pooja my rashi is cancer natshathara ausheleye. Which day tel me

  116. Sanjukta Mohapatra says:

    My son is undergoing a Rahu sani antardasha phase, he is 35 years old, can I perform a puja for him. What puja should I perform?

  117. Ujjwal biswas says:

    Hai sir, my name is Ujjwal Biswas I want to perform Raju let Pooja on 23/7/2017 . Can I do the Pooja on same date.

  118. Ramesh says:

    Dear sir
    My name is Ramesh
    Date of birth: 29-8-1981, 1:45am
    Place: Narasaraopet
    I have facing marriage problem and i am in stock market suggest me

  119. Shilpa h n says:

    Namasthe guruji,

    Name : Shilpa h n
    Dob : 15/11/1988
    Time : 6.40 am
    Birth place : mysore

    Am not getting marriage & job. Am not happy with mother always fighting with her. Please refer my horscope tell me is there any dosh.

  120. Muralidharan says:

    We are planned to reach Kalahasthi temple by 0900hrs kindly register our name for puja
    Muralidharan mob 9995862202

  121. keerthi says:

    sir naku job problem vundhi nenu aanukunna job naku ravatley try chesthunna but edho oka problem vasthomdhi chettiki vachinattu vachi vellipothundhi emaina solution cheppandi.

  122. Mnmurthy says:

    Sir my son name is yeswanth DOB 14.8.1997 education perpose please told it witch day we are came raHu ketu puja.

  123. Thamothiran P says:

    Namasthy guruji
    Am P.Thamothiran my life has so many problems I faced right now also becz no permanent job and not getting marriage then How to solve my problem

  124. Mahalakshmi says:

    Namasthe sir

    Birth place-Bangalore

    Still im not getting married, plz refer my DOB n tel me is there any dosha

  125. Ritu shah says:

    Want to ask more questions

  126. Manoj Ray says:

    Can I perform Kal sarpa dosh nivaran puja on behalf of my daughter whose is suffering KARKATA K kal sarpa dosh , whose DOB 27/12/1987 , 20.57, KOLKATA. Please reply sharp. She is unable to come as she is unable to take leave. Problem :: Merrage delayed and not getting proper and suitable satisfactory job.

    manoj (M) 9051222694

  127. shanthi says:

    I want to get my earlier job back
    what type of pooja I should do and when.please guide me.

  128. P.Thngaraj says:

    Hi dear sir
    My name is P.Thangaraj
    Date of birth 28/1//1991
    Time . 6:56 am Saturday
    Place. Tiruppur
    My no. 9566335885

    When Rahu kethu.doosam pooja we do.sir
    Pls contact me sir
    Thank you…

  129. PRAVIN says:

    Sir I am Pravin R.P born on 1-may-1974 at 07:45 pm in Thiruvallur, I left my, I am looking for new job in same SOFTWARE FIELD, please let me know will i get job or not

  130. Rajeshwari. N says:

    Hi sir am from bangalore two days before I met one astrologer and he said me u go n do Rahu Kethu Shanthi wich day is d best day to do this Pooja please let me refer me as my dob please
    D O B 19-11-1990 and the time is mng 5.30am please reply me

  131. Kalaivani Thangammuthu says: marriage has been delayed due to proper horoscope matches. I would like to perform Rahu Ketu pooja please advice me on this and looking forward to at least finalised my better half this year.

  132. Rajeswari says:

    Name Rajeswari. M
    Dob 01.01.1994
    Time.3.44 am
    I have facing marriage problem. Please help me on that……

  133. Sreedharan says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am Sreedharan my date of birth 6/2/1973 Tuesday rashi Meena nakshtra uttarabada . pls suggest me which day I will do the Rahu kethu pooja and timing . because I am facing lot of problem my family.

  134. Appachu KN says:

    My son is in Australia, I want to do rahu ketu pooja on his behalf.
    I ma in Mysore. Can I do pooja for my son? please guide me.

  135. Sathyanarayana C H says:

    Sir, memu 3d tirupati vastunamu, 4th or 5th maa abbai peruna rahu ketu Pooja cheyalanu kuntanamu, Name : pruthvikumar, dob :22-12-1990 maku Pooja time,emi tesukuravali, maa abbai bachular,vadito parents kuda Pooja chesukovacha

  136. Aparna says:

    Can we take bath in the evening on the day we performed rahu ketu pooja?

  137. Shankar thadanki says:

    Not getting job, disturbed with my family.. What pooja required for me…

  138. kavitha shetty says:

    when is the best days in july for Rahu Ketu puja

  139. R.VEEROVAN says:


  140. Santhosh mashetti says:

    Namasthe guruji,

    Name : Santhosh mahetti
    Dob : 20/06/1986
    Time : 3:10 pm
    Birth place : siddipet

    Am not getting marriage & job. Am not happy with mother always fighting with her. Please refer my horscope tell me is there any dosh.

  141. Subramanya says:

    Kindly register my son’s name Sachin Subramanya for the Rahu Ketu pooja on 13-08-2017 during Rahukalam (4.30PM). Kindly arrange for separate shastriji to perform pooja.
    Thanking you Sir

  142. karnati.manikumar says:

    Hai sir
    My name is karnati.manikumar I have facing marriage problem suggest me

  143. Krishnaji Shinde,[Daughters name1)Sushma Shinde 30yrs,2)Akshata.Shinde 27yrs.] says:

    Namaste Guruji, My both daughters are facing much problems for getting marriage, so we are planning to reach Kalahasti for Rahu Ketu pooja on 6th Aug 2017 Sunday so please register our name for pooja on Sunday. Krishnaji Shinde Mobile 8419999722.and also tell me whether sunday is good.

  144. K Sudhakar says:

    Dear swami I am an Ex Army I want participate in Rahu Kethu Pooja on 25.7.2017 for best of my family and my two children and get any govt job to me
    My name K SUDHAKAR 02.11.74
    Wife S MAMATHA – 21.6.79
    Daughter S SUSHMITHA -18.11.99
    Son S BARATH KUMAR – 25.6.02
    Cell No 8903622956

  145. M. Sathish says:

    Hi sir I. want to know the timings of rahu kethu pooja on Sunday 30july2017and we are want to participate 13 members in pooja what is the procedure

  146. B Anand says:

    Which day raho kothu sarpadosha pooja sir

  147. gowri says:

    Hi Gowri from Malaysia.

    We are coming to Kalahasti Temple on the 29.8.2017 to do the ragu kethu pooja in the ragu kalam. can we get the tickets booked or reserved. two person to do the poojai and one person will accompany us. i want inside the mandapam. will u be able to assist me.

    Gowri Malaysia- mobile 0122030074. email.

  148. Chandrakanth says:

    Best day for performing Kalasarpa dosham to marriage, profession, health & wealth
    Sir please tell me which day is the best day and time to perform the poojas

  149. udayashree says:

    Na Peru Udaya maku pellalu leru pelli iye 8 years iyendi

  150. GIRI says:

    Phone number please

  151. Vajendra says:

    Please let me know following can be done at kalahasthi:
    1. Rahu Sandhi Dosha.
    2.Rahu Dosha Shani bhukthi.
    3. Rahu Dhrushti(Chandala)Dosha parihara
    Kindly let me the cost & time for above,and advise.

  152. Guru Prasad V says:

    Sir on 6/09/17 Raku ketu Pooja tickets when will give pls sends times

  153. Well wisher says:

    Beleave in god. It’s nature & do not fear for anything. Just once again visit temple & perform . visit hanuman temple for 11 weeks

  154. Vijay says:

    My son has not getting the job. Interviews final stage Dhaka vachi potunnai. 1 year nundi ide problem. My date of birth 17/3/92 Makha star. What is solution?

  155. Amita says:

    What is the best time for rahu ketu pooja?

  156. Manojkumar V says:

    MANOJKUMARV August 28, 2017 at 10:51 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Dear sir

    We are in tirupati on 7 th September for performing kalasarpadoshanivarana pooja.

    1. Is this and rahu ketu pooja the same?

    2. Can we do the kalasarpadoshanivarana pooja from kalahasthi first and then have darshan at tirupati tirumala ? Or is there a rule that we shall not have tirupati visit after this pooja?

    3. Is this pooja to be done only during rahu kaalam?

    Please help me with the above

    Manojkumar V Kerala

  157. Ganesh says:

    Hi sir…I’m ganesh…how to book raahu ketu pooja tickets..

  158. Tvreddi says:

    Amavasy Roku rahuketu poojacheyvacha

  159. Pradeepkumarraju says:

    This month Raju ketu pooju best days

  160. Ramakrishna says:

    Want to know when visit to tirumala is there any order to visit kalahasti and tirumala

  161. Poornima Selvaraj says:

    Sir my husband DOB 12.11.1986 birth time 3.30am. he has kalasarph dosa.

    he is struggling lot in career, he is very hard worker but wherever he goes for job full tension, problems only.
    we planned to do kalasarph dosa on 3rd Nov 2017 which is full moon day.

    please advise me will this pooja solve his career problems.

  162. Mathangi says:

    I want to perform a rahu ketu shanthi pooja for my son. What time should i perform on wed. Is it done everyday

  163. ganesh says:

    Sunday early morning I had reached Sri kalahasti can I do Pooja in the morning time or not

  164. Srikumar Gopal says:

    Hi sir
    I’m Srikumar s/o Gopal
    Date of birth: 11/11/1987
    Time: 12.50pm
    Place: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Currently I’m facing really bad luck. Jobless for nearly 5months. A lot of debs surrounding me. Whenever talk about marriage always having arguments between me n my fiancée. Pls advise what I need to do.

  165. Bharathi rajeshwari c says:

    Name: bharathi rajeshwari C
    Place of birth : bangalore
    Raasi : dhanusu
    Star : pooradam
    Dob: 14/02/1988 sunday
    Timings : 12 32 pm

    I am facing lot of problems in my marriage life and I am unable to get job please suggest me a solution

  166. murali mohan says:

    My son name sai harsha vardhan,he is very slow in studies and activities movement also very slow health is normall so what can I do pooja sir and which day’s best for pooja DOB..29/05/2005

  167. c.vijaya narasimhulu says:

    Hi sir, amavassy roju raju ketu pooja chepincha vachha….which time…reply me sir

  168. Balu says:

    Kedhu Thisai pooja Best days & Date

  169. Dhakshayani says:

    My health is not well ,, I did pooja once but made mistake,, so should I do once more

  170. Gorle vasukumar says:

    Gud sir

  171. Rama lakshmi says:

    Namasthe Guruji
    Name : Rama lakshmi
    DOB : 30/07/1989
    Time: 4.445 AM
    BIRTH PLACE : Bhimavaram

    Is it required perform rahu kethu pooja for getting marriage

  172. Ajeesh says:

    Please give the time schedule of kalasarpadosha pooja

  173. P srani says:

    Hi sir my name is surekharani when can I do rahu kethu pooja for marriage purpose sir my dob 13-7-1978 4:00 pm Tuesday

  174. Y Bhanu Prakash says:

    My son name is jayashakar Varma date of 6/4/1999 sravana nakshtram makararasi which day we perform rahu ketu poja

  175. Y Bhanu Prakash says:

    My son name jayashakar Varma date of birth 4/6/1999 sravana nakshtram makararasi which day we perform rahu ketu poja for better results

  176. Y Bhanu Prakash says:

    My son name jayashakar Varma date of birth 4/6/1999 place of birth nujivid nakshtram sravana nakshtram lagnam kanya makararasi which day we perform rehu ketu poja for better educational results

  177. Priya says:

    Myself looking for job but it’s struggling to get my dream job.. I’m trying forpast 2yrs but yet I didn’t get.. Will I do this pooja?? Priya 25yrs Taurus and mirugashiram natchathara

  178. Swetha says:

    Hi sir my name is swetha.. date of birth 02-02-1990..
    Which day we perform rahu kethu puja for marriage purpose..

  179. Swetha says:

    Hello sir my self swetha
    Date of birth 02-02-1989
    Time: 6to 7 pm b/w ( we dnt knw exact time)
    When can i do the rahu kethu pooja for marriage purpose..

    • prashant says:

      Till evening 6:30 u can do pooja till 6:30 is the last batch rupees 500, 750 is the amount of pooja if u need help u can call on my number 7620086829

  180. Archana says:

    12th Janavary 2018 is Ekadashi… does they perform Rahu Ketu pooja on that day

  181. Babu says:

    Dear sir,

    Have one question if I am come temple which dressings is best

  182. Nalini a says:

    Hi sir I’m nalini date of birth 22/7/1991 timing 5am .. wen can i pro-form rahu kettu Pooja, 8years completed still dont hav baby

  183. R Ram Prasad says:

    Hi sri, I am Ram Prasad My DOB:30-09-89 I am Trying For Govt Job, Now I am Working in Private Company, Which Puja Is best. In One Marks Is Loss So many Jobs And In Interview Also Try To Help me

  184. vaibhav says:

    Iam Vaibhav Mehta DOB : 25-02-1989 Time 1:20 AM Place – Pali Rajasthan

    My wife – Prerna Jain DOB 13-11-1988 Time 1:30 AM Place : Jodhpur Rajasthan.

    We married on 3 Jan 2015, On 9 Nov 2017 she left me and doest want to come back. I have gone through many astrologers all said leave her if she will come she will ruin your life. I am still attached to her don’t know what to do. Neither she nor hr family talking to me. I don’t know what to do now . Please help .

  185. R Ram Prasad says:

    I am Ram Prasad
    I Send My Query For U Please Reply for That It’s My Humble Request To u

  186. Poomagal padmashree says:

    Sir on lunar eclipse I want to do raghu kaethu parikara pooja , should we book it online or come there and buy tickets. what is the procedure for that parikara pooja ?

  187. Prashanth says:

    Hello sir,
    Can please explain tomorrow 30-1-2018 is the good day to perform rahu kethu pooja……some body told before chandra grahanam day is not good to perform rahu kethu pooja.

  188. Susheel says:

    what are best days to perform RahuKethu pooja in FEB or Mar and how to perform the pooja

  189. Pavan says:

    how i can book tickets for rahu ketu pooja on 31/03/2018 or tickets will be available on this day at counter, can you please suggest me?

  190. rahukalapuja rate and booking ticket cost in onlie booking says:

    15/04/18 sunday

  191. Amrutha Lakshmi devi says:

    Mithuna rashi
    Mrugashira nakshtram
    Vruschika lagnam…
    When is the best day to do Rahu ketu Puja

  192. Usha u says:

    Hi ! Sir, my date of birth is 20/03/1986 and time of birth is 10:30 am on Thursday. I m getting delayed in marriage and my carrier is also not good. So I was told to do rahu kethu shanthi. Please confirm me on which day I have to perform the pooja according to my date of birth. And what r the other pooja I need to do for my marriage and my job.

  193. Balu says:

    Which day is good for kala sarpa pooja in this month and next month

  194. Balachandra JK says:

    Can I visit and do rahu ketu pooja on august 6th and 7th 2018

  195. D.Jagadisha says:

    Is Raju ketu puja performed during dasara planning to come on Monday can v come directly

  196. Meghan's.G S. (Birth name Dimpl) DOB 14.12.92 time 4.10 pm mday says:

    I am getting delay of marriage .What pooja to be performed at srikalasthi . Kindly advise

  197. Gopalakrishnan P.S says:

    My grand children are abroad. Can I do the Rahu – Ketu Poojari at Sri Kalahasri on their behalf?

  198. Bindhu says:

    Can I do kalasarpa Disha on 31/10/2020. If so, need to book for pooja to whom should I contact for confirmation for booking as Srikalahasthi office contact number is not in function. Pls guide

  199. Jvs Tirumani says:

    Is it online booking tickets or offline tickets for rahuketu pooja

  200. Vivek Loganathan says:

    Is Pooja done during ammavasai?

  201. A.Mishra says:

    Does 8th August ( amavasya) will be an auspicious day for do Rahu kalasarpadosha and rudrabhishek puja at Srikalahasti ?