Do’s & Don’ts at Srikalahasti Temple



Here is the list of Do’s & Don’ts at Srikalahasti Temple – Recommended things and avoidable things at Sri Kalahasti Temple, Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh.

Srikalahasti is famous for Rahuketu Pujas, Sarpadosha puja, Nagadosha poojas..

Do’s & Don’ts


  • Worship your ista or Kula Daivam before you start of Srikalahasti
  • Concentrate on Lord Srikalahastheeswara Swami Varu and Ammavaru
  • Observe absolute silence and chant Om Namah sivaya
  • Respect ancient customs and usages while at Srikalahasti and promote religious sentiments amount co- pilgrims
  • Deposit your offerings in the Hundi only
  • Keep the temple clean and use Bio – degradable plastics.


  • Don’t carry Jewellery or cash with you
  • Don’t rush in for Darsana but take your chance in the queue
  • Don’t enter the temple for any purpose other than worshipping the Lord
  • Don’t enter temple, if according to custom or usage, you are prohibited to enter
  • Don’t waste water and electricity
  • Don’t allow strangers into the cottages and hand over keys to them
  • Don’t use non degradable plastics
  • Don’t wear foot wear in the temple premises.


  • Smoking non – Vegetarian food, liquor of other intoxicants.
  • Approach of touts for accommodation, darshan and prasadam.
  • Spurious prasadam from street vendors
  • Beggary
  • Spit or commit nuisance in the premises of the temple
  • Practice of other religion
  • Political meetings, banners, dharnas, rastarokos, hertals
  • Slaughter, killing, maiming any animal/bird for any reason
  • Gaming with cards, dice, counts, money or other instruments of gaming.

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  1. a n lakshmi says:

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  2. CVS MURTHY & visalakshi says:

    Excellent good for real God lovers CVS MURTHY

  3. Ushadevi chelat says:

    Can I enter temple with jeans and shirt ,or someone says dress we use during Pooja must be kept there,is there a place inside temple to change dress to churidhar

  4. gotirupati says:

    Very Useful information for Devotees Visiting sri kalahasti temple. Temple Management is not responsible for any Things/ other valuable items lost. So Better don’t carry valuable items inside temple. for more information,
    referSri Kalahasthi Temple Information