Kaadsiddheshwar (Shri Samarth Muppin Kaadsiddheswar Maharaj)

Shri Samarth Muppin Kaadsiddheswar Maharaj (1905–2001) was one of the spiritual gurus in the Navnath tradition. He was a disciple of Shri Samarth Siddharameshwar Maharaj.

Kaadsiddheswar was born in the year 1905 in a pious Hindu family in a village at Kolhapur district in Maharashtra. His birth name was Jaigauda Patil.

He has joined in theKaneri Math, in the year 1922. He was a yoga guru, and used to do severe meditation on Lord Shiva for several hours, without having food and water.

He met his guru, Siddharameshwar, in the year 1935. He was taught the essentials of Hindu Dharma and Hindu philosophy along with Vedas and other Divine texts.

Shri Samarth Revannath was the founder and the first Kaadsiddheshwar, and he lived during the 11th century AD. He constructed the Kaadsiddheshwar temple and the holy mutt at Kanheri village in Kolhapur district, Maharashtra. The Kaadsiddheshwar Peeth was formed forthe purpose of spreading the importance of Shaivism among the people. Shri Muppin Kaadsiddheswar Maharaj was the 26th Mathaadheepati.

Sri Kaadsiddheswar worked for the upliftment of the poor farmers, and daily wage labourers. He gave lot of religious discourses on Hindu philosophy, and also invoked the bhakti spirit in the minds of the people, by telling stories from Ramayan, Mahabharat and Srimad Bhagavatham. His main focus was to make the people to lead a happy life by following bhakti path in their life.He renovated the Kaneri Mutt and renamed it as Siddhagiri Mutt. He also established mutts in various parts of India.


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Let us praise the divine saint and be blessed.

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