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Is it necessary to match horoscopes before getting married? Is matching two hearts not enough?

Is it necessary to match horoscopes before getting married? Isn’t it enough if two hearts match? This is a question asked by one of the devotees in Satsang of Art of Living. Let’s read the reply from Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji…

Yes, it is enough. But if you have some doubt, then match the horoscope. If the horoscope doesn’t match and if you have faith in horoscopes, then what will happen is whenever any small things goes wrong the mind will say, ‘We never matched’.

People after being together for 40 years say they never matched each other.

I have asked, ‘Then how could you live for forty years together?’

They say that their thoughts did not match for even one day and there was no compatibility at any level.

So, life is like that. Life is a compromise; an adjustment. Somewhere you have to give and take.

Also in horoscopes it is said that there is always a possible remedy. Suppose, something does not match then if you do this upaya (remedy) – like a certain japa (chanting) or charity, then a resolution will happen.

So there is a remedy.

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  1. Nandish says:

    is horoscope match necessary for marriage sri sri ravishankar

  2. Sanyukta says:

    is it necessary to match kundali before marriage

  3. Niketan says:

    sri sri ravi shankar on astrology during marriage

  4. Samita says:

    is it necessary to match kundali during love marriage