Does God really exist? If yes, then how can we experience the God?

Does God really exist? If yes, then how can we experience Him? Let’s read the reply of Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji to the question raised by a disciple during a Satsang.

I have come to tell you that God exists and He is in you. I have come to tell you this. Don’t try to see Him.

If someone tells you that he will help you see God, then think that he is a fool. God is neither a material substance nor a sight, he is in the seer. That is why only through meditation can you attain God.

A person whose mind is turned outward can never attain God. If one feels that he can see Lord Hanuman, then there has been some illusion. There is something wrong with his brain. Why? Because you can never look at the seer as a sight. He is neither a sight, a material substance nor is He different from us. The Parmatma (Divine) is hidden in the Atma (soul). When you meditate, you will feel, ‘Wow, the one I have been searching for everywhere is in me’. You will have this experience. After that, nobody will be able to shake you. Nobody will be able to wipe away the smile from your face.

So, God is here, right this moment, in us. Know this and relax. Accept this and relax. “Vishram main Ram hai!”

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    Ravishankar Ji is right. God is in all of us. But we can see Him also. Pralhad saw Him. Pandavas and many others saw Him. We will see Him in Kalki Avatar. He is every thing. He is the ‘Nimitta karana’ and the ‘Upadana karana’ also. This fact makes all of us to be He only. There is nothing but God every where. He is Saguna sakaar, Nirgun nirakaar and everything else. Gita says ‘Vasudevam sarvam’, meaning everything is God. Similarly, devotees know and feel Him as Sthanu and Krushnamaya. Sthanu means he is packed into the space around us like flour is packed in a container. It is my experience. He has sat on my lap. He has eaten food from my hands. I have sat in His lap. What else!