Hindu Gods and their Vahanas (Vehicles), Significance of Vahanams of Hindu Gods & Goddesses

Vahanas Vehicles of Hindu Gods

Vahanas Vehicles of Hindu Gods

Each Hindu god has Vahanam (vehicle). Various animals, birds and other creatures serve Hindu gods & goddesses as their vehicles. What is the significance of Vahanams of Hindu Gods? This is a question raised by a devotee in the satsang of Art of Living. Let us read the reply of Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji…

There is definitely some meaning to it. When this Vishalakshi Mantap was built, we never thought of keeping ‘Nandi’ (the bull) in front.

One gentleman came and said, ‘Guruji, one of my relatives in America wanted to build a temple there but now he is no more. So we ordered this Nandi and Nataraja statues, we are not able to keep them in our home because it is so big. Could you please keep it here?’

So he kept the Nandi in front and Nataraji sat here on the stage.

Then what happened is there was a satsang in Mumbai where there were swans. Someone got the swans from Mumbai and kept it here.

Next, somebody brought a Garuda (Eagle). It is a one ton Garuda brought from Indonesia by ship.

I never planned this; these vahanas came on their own.

In the Guru Peetha, all the three vahanas (vehicles) of Brahma (Swan), Vishnu (Eagle) and Shiva (Bull) came and sat here on their own and in perfect sequence.

These vehicles are just symbols. The actual meaning behind the different vahanas is that each animal or bird brings with it specific type of cosmic rays or bio electrical energy to Earth.

For example, a lion will bring a particular type of energy with it; a crow would bring its own unique energy with it. Like that a cow, swan, etc., would bring its own bio electrical energy.

That is why it is said that even if one species of animals or birds become extinct, then the Earth cannot function. Scientists say this and this is true.

Our ancient Rishis have also said the same thing, that each angel or Devta descend in the form of an invisible energy on a particular type of being. It sounds scientific too.

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