Holi with Tomatoes and Flowers – Holi celebrations in Hyderabad

Traditional chemical colours, pichkaris, coloured water, etc, have got down on the list of Holi priorities this time. Holi 2010 has become festival of tomatoes, flowers, and in some places – the festival of milk – in Hyderabad. Going away from traditional celebrations, Hyderabad people have been celebrating Holi in very funky yet eco-friendly manner. A club in Hyderabad organized Holi with tomatoes (La Tomatina) in which hundreds of children and their parents were participated.

Deccan Chronicle Published:

Chuck squishy tomatoes and pelt people with flowers this Holi, but ditch coloured water and chemicals — this is how Hyderabadis will enjoy the festival the natural way. Its goodbye to the old tradition of aiming pichkaris loaded with harmful chemicals. Instead residents look to turn Holi into an unusual celebration.

Herbal colours are yesterdays Holi with plans afoot this year to douse friends with kesari milk and pamper themselves in the process. Sharmila Jain, who has arranged for a Holi with flowers, says, “Playing with colours is so common. We wanted to do something out of the ordinary.”

Sharmila, who has roped in relatives to help segregate flowers according to the colour, adds, “This way we wont have to clean up later.”

Many have turned conscientious like Shashi Nahata, director of Shishu, a childrens club. Keeping in mind the troubles of farmers due to poor tomato sales, Shashi has a Spanish style La Tomatina on hand.

“We decided to play Holi with tomatoes instead of gulal this time. Not only were they dirt cheap but everyone had a blast squishing around in tomato pulp.”

The best part about this organic celebration, she adds, was that even those allergic to colour and prone to asthma could freely indulge themselves.

For Sunny Khandelwal and his family this Holi is an opportunity to pamper themselves. “We dont like artificial colours as much, hence we have decided to play holi with kumkum, haldi and kesari milk. This way we cut down on the harmful effects to our skin and still have fun.”

Then there are those who like splashing around, but without colours — artificial or natural. Commerce student Rahul says, “We love Holi but this time weve decided to chuck the colours and instead use snow spray and plain water. After all it is the fun that matters not the colours.”

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  1. Ramesh says:

    Nice article, people from hyderabad had great fun 🙂

  2. ranganth pippalla says:

    We have celebrated holi with eco-friendly natural colours. Dry colours are much safe than wet water colours. Our friends created a club called Holi Sangh for holi celebrations. We prepared parotas, chapatis, Bhung, and thandai for friends and relatives. Thanks for the information provided in Hindupad.