Holi Abhyangasnan | Abhyanga Snan on Dhulivandan

Holi Abhyangasnan (Abhyanga Snan on Dhulivandan) is an ritual bath performed mainly in Maharashtra, Gujarat and other North Indian states. In 2023, Holi Abhyangasnan date is March 8. Abhyaga Snana – items or material required Herbal oil for massage on head and body Utane – It is a powder containing various ingredients such as Kapur […]

Holi Pujan Time 2023 | Holi Pooja Muhurat in 2023

Goddess Lakshmi

Holi is observed on Falgun Purnima. It is also known as Lakshmi Jayanti. Holi Pujan 2023 time is mentioned here. Lakshmi Pujan, Shiva Puja, Vishnu Puja, and Krishna Puja are observed on Holi festival as per devotees’ own regional traditions. Holi pujan is performed after Pradosha kaal and before Holika Dahan. Purnima ends in the […]

Holi Rituals & Customs, Traditions of Holi Festival

People follow the rituals and customs of the ancient festival Holi with utmost care and devotion. In 2023, Holi date is March 7-8. Celebrations of Holika Dahan – the Holy Bonfire The day before Holi is celebrated as Holika Dahan. On this day, the effigy of Holika, the sister of the Demon King Hiranyakashyapa is […]

Holi Festival Celebrations in South India, Ritual of Kamadahan

Holi festival is celebrated with utmost gaiety in South India states – Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. Holi 2023 date is March 6|7|8. People in South India worship the Hindu God of Love, Kama (also known as Manmadha, Vasanth) during the festival of colors, Holi. Puranas describe the tremendous sacrifice of Kamadeva for […]

Rangwali Holi 2023 | Khelne wali Holi – 7 or 8 March 2023

Rangwali Holi (Khelne Wali Holi) is the day when common people play Holi with colours. In 2023, Rangwali Holi date is March 8. Usually, Rangwali Holi falls on the following day of Phalgun Purnima. As Phalgun Purnima in 2023 starts on March 6 and ends on March 7, date of Holi festival may vary. Phalgun […]

Holi Bhai Dooj 2023

Holi Bhai Dooj is observed on the second day after Holi festival. It falls on Dwitiya in Krishna Paksha of Chaitra Month in North Indian Hindi Calendars. In 2023, Holi Bhai Dooj date is March 9 (Matantare Bhai Dooj). It coincides with Phalgun Krishna Paksha Dwitiya as per Marathi, Gujarat, Kannada & Telugu calendars. On […]

Dhulandi Holi 2023, Dhulendi Holi

Dhulendi Holi, also known as Dhulandi Holi or Dhuleti Holi, is the festival of colours and joy celebrated with pomp and gaiety in Haryana during Falgun Purnima. In 2023, Dhulandi Holi date is March 7. In Haryana, the festival marks the family function celebrated especially between bhabhi (brothers wife) and devar (husbands younger brother). On […]

Dhulivandan 2023 date | Dhulivandan in Maharashtra during Holi

Dhulivandan is an important festival in Maharashtra and Goa celebrated on the next day of colourful Holi festival. It has great significance for agriculture and farming communities. In 2023, Dhulivandan date is March 7. The festival falls on the first day (Pratipada) of Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight) in Phalgun month as per Marathi calendar. Farmers […]

Rangbhari Ekadashi 2023 in Varanasi

Rangbharai Ekadashi marks the beginning of Holi celebrations in Varanasi (Kashi). In 2023, Rangbhari Ekadashi date is March 3. People of Varanasi and the government organizations start their Holi festivities from this day. The festival of colours, Holi 2023 date is March 7 in Varanasi. Rangbhari Ekadasi is also known as Amalaki Ekadashi in other […]

Holika Dahan Rituals 2023 | Rashi-wise Holika Pradakshina, Holika Items

Holika Dahan ritual

Holika Dahan is celebrated by burning Holika, an asuri, a demoness. For many traditions in Hinduism, Holi celebrates the victory of good over evil. In 2023, Holika Dahan date is March 6, Monday. According to the tradition, people contribute a piece of wood or two for the Holika bonfire, and this represents Holika being consumed […]

History & Significance of Holi Festival

Holi, also known as Holika, is an ages old Hindu festival. Ancient Hindu scriptures, ‘Purvamimamsa-Sutras’ and ‘Kathaka-Grhya-Sutras’ written by Jaimini explained the history, legend, stories and significance of Holi festival. It is said that Holi was celebrated by Aryans in early civilization of India (people of Harappa and Mohenzodaro civilizations). In 2023, Holi date is […]

Significance of Holika Dahan

The burning of Holika has an effect on the coming monsoon. There is story of Prahlada (from which the festival of Holi originated). Prahlada was a young boy who was very dedicated to God but his father was not. His father was a very egoistic and a cruel king. So the story goes that he […]

Holashtak 2023 | 8-day Holi Festival in North India

Holashtak is a period of eight days observed from Shukla Saptami or Ashtami in Falgun month to Falgun Purnima. In 2023, Holashtak begins on February 26 and ends on March 7. It is mainly celebrated in North India and the period is considered inauspicious for Shubh karya or any functions.  Basically, Holi festival begins on […]

Buy Herbal colours for Holi 2023 in Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore & Gurgaon

If you wandering where to buy or purchase herbal colours for Holi 2023 in Delhi Hyderabad Bangalore and Gurgaon, then here is the list of shops and stores that sell herbal and safe eco-friendly colours. It is to note that Holi 2023 dates are – March 6|7. Shops or stores to buy Natural colours for […]

Falgun Purnima 2023 | Phalgun Poornima, Holika Purnima

Falgun Purnima or Phalgun Poornima or Phalguna Pournami or Holika Purnima is the Full Moon day in Falgun month. In 2023, Falgun Poornima date is March 7. This auspicious day is dedicated to Lord Krishna and Goddess Lakshmi. During Falguna month, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are worshipped but Krishna Puja and Lakshmi Puja are […]

Holi Dhuleti 2023 | Dhuleti 2023

Dhuleti or Holi Dhuleti, also known as Dhuleti Holi, is the day of playing with Holi colours. The 8-day Holi festival ends this day. Dhuleti 2023 or Holi Dhuleti 2023 date is March 7 in India. This day is celebrated as Vasanatotsav in some North Indian Krishna Temples. Dhulivandan is celebrated on Dhuleti day in […]

Lakshmi Puja 2023 on Holi Purnima Festival

Lakshmi Puja is also observed on Falgun Purnima which is popularly celebrated as Holi or Dhuleti Holi. It is believed that on Phalguna Poornima day, Goddess Lakshmi was born as the day is also known as Lakshmi Jayanti for many communities in India. In 2023, Lakshmi Puja time during Falgun Purnima is till 6.09 PM on […]

Holika Dahan 2023 date | Time of Holika Dahan during Holi Festival

Holika Dahan is a lighting of bonfire takes place during Holi. Usually, it is observed a day prior to Holi festival. In 2023, Holika Dahan date is March 5-6. The best time to perform Holika Dahan and to celebrate Holikotsav is in the night on 5|6 March 2023. The exact time for Holika Dahan would […]

Holi 2023 | Holi Festival 2023 date

Holi festival, also known as Holika, is the colourful Hindu festival celebrated on Falgun Purnima, the Full Moon day in Falgun Month. In 2023, Holi date is March 6|7. As Phalgun Purnima in 2023 starts on March 6 and ends on March 7, date of Holi festival may vary. Phalgun Purnima or Holi festival is celebrated […]

Ranga Panchami 2023 | Rangapanchami, Shimga in 2023

Holi is also celebrated as Ranga Panchami or Rang Panchami or Shimga in Maharashtra, Konkan regions, some Northern Karnataka districts, and some parts of Madhya Pradesh. In 2023, Ranga Panchami date is March 12. Holi date is March 7. Ranga Panchami falls on the fifth day after Holi Purnima or on Falgun Krishna Panchami. Rang […]