Hindu Traditions & Customs

A tradition is a custom or belief that has continued from the past to the present. It is the belief followed by our ancient people, and it is continued by the society or by a particular group of people, by following the significance of the past. Traditions are practiced for several thousands of years, in order to make the future generations to follow it.

For example, presently we are celebrating certain kinds of festivals like Vinayaka Chaturthi, Vijaya Dasami and Krishna Jayanti in a grand manner and we are doing this, since it is traditionally celebrated by the people of India in ancient periods.

Onam festival is celebrated by the Malayali people for several thousands of years. According to our ancient legend, as per the request of the great King Mahabali, Lord Vamana had allowed him to visit his own kingdom of Kerala, during Onam festival day, and this incident was happened at the beginning of Treta Yuga, before several millions of years.

Deepavali festival also is a traditional and an ancient festival which is celebrated for a few thousands of years. Thai Pongal, also called as Makar Sankranti is an ancient festival of harvest, and also Lord Sun God would be worshipped during this day. This is a traditional festival, which would be eagerly celebrated by the city and by the village people in India.

As per legend, the great Bhakta Prahlada had killed his aunt Holika, and the day in which he killed holika is traditionally celebrated as Holi festival, mostly by the North Indian people. This incident was happened before several millions of years.

During festival times like Deepavali, we can find a name board in sweet shops, which carries the message, “TRADITIONAL SWEETS”. It means the taste of the sweets would be of similar to the sweets prepared in the ancient periods. Likewise, most of the textile shops would display in their advertisements, as ‘Traditional Silk Saris’, and some shops would mention in their name boards, as ‘Traditional Kancheepuram Silk Saris’.

Kathakali Dance is an ancient form of art, and it is a very popular form of dance in Kerala. During the times of festivals in Kerala, a person would be dressed in a different type of custom, and would cheerfully dance in the streets and in the temples.

Hence let us follow our age old traditions, let us worship Bhagavan Krishna, and be blessed.


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