Fire Walking Ceremony in Temples

Fire walking ceremony in Temples

Fire walking ceremony in Temples

Fire Walking Ceremony in Temples… Fire walking is the act of walking in barefoot in the bed of fire woods. Fire walking has been practiced for more than thousands of years. It is being mainly performed as an act of pleasing the deities, and fire walk would be mainly done in Amman Temples. This act is being performed mainly by the South Indian people, and it is being followed even in some Asian Countries.

Recently fire walking is being performed in Sri Draupati Amman Temple at Chidambaram, Cuddalore District, and this temple is considered to be one of the most popular temples of Ma Draupati Amman, the famous Pandava Queen and she is also considered to be an aspect of Ma Shakti Devi. Fire walking would be usually performed during the Tamil months of Aadi and Avani, mostly in Shakti Devi Temples. Fire walking would increase our devotion on the great almighty, and it would also please our holy mother Ma Shakti Devi, since it is believed that Amman used to appear in the form of fire flames, since she is also known as “MA AGNI DEVI AMMAN”.

As per ancient legend, once when a Pandya King who ruled the present day Madurai, began to suffer from severe leg pain, and unable to bear the terrible pain, he began to pray to Ma Meenakshi. One day night, he has got one dream, and in that, Ma Meenakshi herself has appeared and suggested him to perform fire walk at her temple, and she also told the ways to perform the Holy ritual.

The next day morning, the then Pandya king of Madurai has made suitable arrangements for the fire walking ceremony, and he himself has walked on the holy fire, by chanting the divine Mantras of MA Meenakshi Amman. To his surprise, within a few days, he has completely got relieved from his leg pain, and as token of expressing his gratitude, he has made a pair of wonderful golden anklets (Golusu), and adorned it to the legs of the deity of Ma Meenakshi Amman. Still now, if we carefully observe the legs of our divine mother, Ma Meenakashi Amman, we could find the golden anklets which would shine very brightly!

I have eagerly witnessed the fire walking ceremony for the last three years in Thanthondri Amman Temple and in Bhavani Thulukanathamman Temple, situated at Agaram, Chennai – 600 082.

I have also watched a wonderful video of fire walking ceremony which was held at my Kula Devi Temple, Arulmigu Angalamman Temple, Keerakara Veedi, Erode – 1, and the YouTube Link for that Video is as follows:-”

Whoever is interested to participate in this sacred fire walk event, can contact the Administrator of the Amman Temples, where the system of fire walking ritual is practicable.


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