Harishankar Temple, Bolangir, Odisha | Sri Sri Harisankar Devasthana

Sri Harisankar Temple is a famous temple which is located near the Gandhamardhan hills, at Bolangir District of Odisha. It is popular temple and in this temple, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva deities are found.

This is considered as a very holy place, and this temple is surrounded with full of natural greenery and scenery, and by visiting this temple, the devotees would get peace of mind permanently in their life. Nearby the Harishankar temple, the temple of Nrusinghanath is located.

The deities were found by the Odisha kings during the 14th century AD, and the deities were worshipped by the people of Odisha, and by the then kings. The temple was constructed by Queen Durlabha Devi, consort of the great king Chauhan.


1. MakarSankranti

2. Shivratri

3. Maagha Mela

4. Ekadasi days

The nearest railway station is located at Sri.Harishankar Road. Regular taxis and Auto facilities are also available to the temple from the railway station.

Nearby the Harishankar Temple, some hotels and lodging houses are available. North Indian food is offered in the hotels, and during festival days and other auspicious days, free temple Prasad would be provided to the devotees. Inside the temple premises, Temple Prasad food items are available at an affordable price.

It is a must for us to visit this famous “HARISHANKAR TEMPLE”, especially for those who suffer from unknown diseases or from unknown fear, mental instability, unsound mind, and persons with nervous disorders etc. For those who are unable to visit the Jagannath Temple situated at Puri, Odisha, they are recommended to worship this popular Harishankar Temple, and can get the divine blessings of Lord Hari and Lord Shankar.

Many devotees after visiting and worshipping the deities at this temple, had relieved from their various ailments, and they had shared their joyful feelings with others.

Hence, let us visit and worship this famous “HARISHANKAR” Temple and be blessed.


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