Jajpur Biraja Temple in Puranas

Jajpur Biraja Mata Temple in Puranas.. How Jajpur Biraja Temple got mentioned in Puranas.. Biraja Kṣetra Jajpur, the sacred abode of Goddess Biraja registered its importance as a prominent seat of Śakti worship since the prehistoric period. Goddess Biraja, the presiding deity of Jajpur has glorious antiquity. She is perhaps the most ancient Goddess, the […]

Chintamanisvara Shiva Temple, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Chintamanisvara Shiva Temple is situated at the end of the Chintamanisvara road, a bit away from the Cuttack – Puri road near the Old Station Bazar in the capital district of Bhubaneswar in Orissa. This shrine is dedicated to Lord Siva and the Siva lingam with a yonipitha faces towards the West. The important festivals […]

Dhabaleswar Shiva Temple near Cuttack

Dhabaleshwar Shiva Temple

Dhabaleswar Siva Temple is located on top of the hillock of Dhauliis, in the exotic island of Dhabaleshwar on the River Mahanadi, in the district of Bhubaneswar in the state of Orissa. The principal deity of this temple is Lord Shiva. The temple’s architectural styles belong to Kalingan Style (Kalinga Architecture). The city of Cuttack […]

Majhighariani Temple, Rayagada

Majhighariani Temple, Rayagada is an important temple dedicated to Devi (Maa Shakti) in Odisha. This famous temple draws thousands of devotees everyday from Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. As per the legend, people have been worshipping Devi here since ages but the temple built at the place is a new one. Every Sunday, Wednesday and […]

Chateshwar Temple, Cuttack, Odisha

Lord Shiva

Chateshwar Temple is situated in Krushnapur village near Bahugram in Cuttack, in Odisha. The presiding deity of this shrine is within a circular yonipitha, patalaphuta Shivalinga. The Temple’s other deities are broken images of Chamunda, Nandi, Buddha, Udyotasimha, Surya and a miniature four- armed Vishnu. It is to be highly noted that this particular shrine […]