Gusainji (Vitthalanatha) | Son of Vallabhacharya



Vitthalanatha (1516-1588), also called as Sant Gusainji, was a great saint and a Krishna devotee. He was the son of the great saint Sri Vallabhacharya. He is believed to be an avatar of Lord Vithoba of Pandharpur. Gusainji learned all the divine scriptures from Sri Damodara-dasa, a famous Krishna devotee.

After the death of his father Vallabhacharya, Gusainji spread the importance of Pushti sect amongst the people. Pushti sect is a famous sect formed by Vallabha, in praise of Lord Krishna.


1. Arya

2. Bhakti-hamsa

3. Bhakti-hetu-nirnaya

4. Gita-govinda-prathamashtapadi-vivriti

5. Jalabheda-tika

6. Krishna-premamrita

7. Nyasa-desha-vivarana-prabodha

8. Premamrita-bhashya

9. Vidya-mandana

Gusainji is still worshipped as kuladevata by some sects of people in India and Pakistan. Gusainji temple is located at a village in Rajasthan, and this temple is considered as very holy by his followers.Festivals would be celebrated twice in a year, and during that time,his devotees from Rajasthan, and also from the nearby cities would participate in this festival. He is also worshipped by the Muslims in a different name.


1. Believe that Lord Krishna is the one who controls this entire universe.

2. We have to give respect to all types of religious people, and must not find any difference between them.

3. Consider each and every one as the divine amshas of the god, and don’t hate others.

4. Realize that you are the creator of happiness and you are the creator of problems.

5. Your mind is filled up with full of waste garbage. Throw those things out from your mind, and fill it up with the divine thoughts on Lord Krishna.

6. Don’t underestimate you among others. God considers everyone as equal. Have confidence that you can even lift the entire earth on your hands, and act accordingly.

7. Once it you commit a mistake, correct it, and don’t commit the same mistake again and again.

8. Always be in the company of clever people, and don’t interact with foolish people.

9. Things once made cannot be changed again. Hence before doing a particular activity, think twice and thrice and then proceed further.

10. Women are the special creations of the god. Consider them as an aspect of Ma Durga, and give good respect to them, and treat them similar to men.


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