Vallabhacharya Vaikuntha Gaman | Vallabhacharya Punyatithi

Vallabhacharya Vaikuntha Gaman is the death anniversary of Shri Vallabhacharya, the founder of the Pushti sect in India. In 2019, Vallabhacharya Vaikuntha Gaman date is July 4.

Vallabhacharya has written sixteen stotras and compiled several commentaries on the Bhagavata Purana as Lilas of Lord Krishna. He is the last of the four great Vaishnava spiritual leaders. The other three saints were – Ramanujacharya, Madhvacharya, and Nimbakacharya.

Vallabhacharya, born in 1479 at Champaranya in Raipur district of Chhattisgarh (today’s) and spread his spirituals fragrance till his death in 1531. (Vallabhacharya Jayanti).

Shri Vallabhacharya decided to discard his mortal guise and become one with the supreme Lord. He left his home and took sanyas at Hanuman Ghat, Kashi.

On Ashadh Shukla Paksh 2, V.S. 1587, He entered the Ganga River at Hanuman Ghat in Kashi and stood with water upto his waist, eyes closed and his lips uttering the name of the Lord and his entire being concentrated on the Lord and in the presence of his family members and all the onlookers, a great ball of Fire arose within Vallabh and encompassing Shri Vallabh and burst forth towards the sun and merged with it.

In 2018, Vallabhacharya Vaikuntha Gaman date was July 14.

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