Guru in Lagna: Jupiter in 1st House, Ascendant

Jupiter is also called Brahaspati and Devaguru in Sanskrit. As per Vedic Astrology, it is the first and most benefice planet and the most auspicious planet.

In Vedic astrology, Brahaspati is the natural karaka of four very important houses.

Jupiter is the natural karaka of 2nd house (house of wealth, speaking), 5th house (education, skill and kids), 9th house (Luck and religion) and 11th house (House of achievements).

Astrologically it is called Lord of power, Lord of wisdom, Lord of sacred talking, Guru of Gods, God of Gods, etc.

Jupiter in House No. 1 will make you a king or a hermit. You have a good learning, long life and a good fortune. Ketu, Moon and Mercury will become favourable.

You will have father’s debt if Mercury, Venus, Rahu or Saturn are positioned in House No. 2, 5, 9, 12.

You’ll have a good time in your old age if Moon is in House No. 5, and if Mercury is in House No. 5, then you will become a king.

Positive Effects of Guru in Lagna (Malefic effects)

Negative Effects of Guru in Lagna (Benefic effects)

Note: Lagna (Lagnam or Ascendant) is the first moment of contact between the soul and its new life on the earth. It is the most important aspect in Vedic astrology when it is considered in a person’s birth chart or Janma Kundali.

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  1. Surya Narimeti says:

    what are the effect of jupiter in first house, my kondali shows next month entry jupiter in first house will happening.

  2. Satvari says:

    effects of jupiter and chandran in the first house

  3. Arunima says:

    guru in 9th house from lagna tamil website

  4. Madhurima says:

    guru in 11th house from lagna in tamil

  5. Hello sir! First i want to point out the error in the page. The Positive effect of guru in lagna means BENEFIC EFFECTS and your writer wrote it MALEFIC EFFECTS and vice versa. So please solve it out.
    Another query: In my birth chart of makar lagna the jupiter is placed in the first house. after reading your article which helped me a lot and after calculating the jupiter degree wise and other concepts I want to know That HOW CAN I USE YELLOW SAPPHIRE TO REDUCE THE MALEFIC EFFECTS (DISEASES LIKE BLOOD PRESEURE, SUGAR, FAT, LACK OF CONCERATION, WEAK HEART, FREQUENTLY HAIR FALL, LOSS OF ANCESTRAL PROPERTY) OF SATURN. AND BY WEARING WHITE SAPPHIRE IN SAME HAND OR DIFFERENT HAND TO INCREASE THE GOOD EFFECTS OF VENUS.

  6. RAJIV BAHAL says:

    rspctd sir my dob 02/08/1972 time 16:12 pm kanpur u.p.
    can u help me about my carrier and marriage ??
    till date i m unmarried

  7. navneet kumar says:

    I have Taurus lagna and Jupiter is placed in 1st house. Can I wear yellow sapphire or not.