Gorehabba during Diwali in Karnataka Tamil Nadu border

Gorehabba is a unique ritual of splashing cow dung on one another practiced in Gummatapura near Karnataka Tamil Nadu border. It is celebrated on the day after Bali Padyami during Deepavali. In 2013, Gorehabba date is November 5.

During Gorehabba, villagers start early in the morning and collect cow dung from all over the village and dump it in a place designated for it behind the Beerappa temple. Later children go all around the village and collect oil and butter for offering puja at the temple.

Then puja is offered at the Karappa temple after the required things are collected. After the puja the villagers come back in a procession and while doing so, they designate one person as a sneak (chadikora) and fix him with a mustache and beard made of grass and make him sit on a donkey and lead the procession.

On reaching the temple, the Chadikora’s mustache and beard are shaven and buried in the pit where the cow dung has been deposited. After worshipping the heap of cow dung, the priest signals the beginning of fun and then thousands of people start splashing cow dung on each other. It is a unique festival quite unlikely in any part of the country.

At the end of Gorehabba, an effigy of the Chadikora is made and taken to a nearby hillock and burnt. Later the villagers clean themselves in the lake and come back to the village. It is believed that participating in the cow dung splashing ritual cures them of all kinds of diseases and thousands of villagers from surrounding places flock to celebrate the ritual.

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