Good months for construction of home, When to start constructing house?

Which months are good to start constructing houses? What is the best time for construction of homes? Here are some details about when a home should be built?

Among all 12 Hindu months, 4 months are best months to start construction of houses. And 3 months are to avoid starting or planning for constructing homes.

Best months to start Construction of House:

Chaitra Maas:

Chaitra month or Chaitra maas usually falls during the Gregorian months of March and April. Chaitra masam is one of the best months to start construction of homes. Constructing homes in Chaitra masam brings happiness and blessings of Pitru devatas (ancestors) as well as Gods.

Vaishakh Maas:

Vaishakh month or Vaishakh maas usually falls during the Gregorian months of April and May. Vaishakha masam is one of the auspicious time periods to initiate building home. Constructing house in Vaishakha masam brings wealth and prosperity to the owners.

Kartik Maas:

Karthik month or Kartik maas usually falls during the Gregorian months of October and November. Those who start building new home during Karthika masam will be blessed with joy and happiness in entire life.

Magh Maas:

Magh month or Magha masam falls during the Gregorian months of January and February. Those who start constructing new house during Magha masam will be blessed with success and fruitfulness in every aspect of life.

Phalgun Maas:

Phalgun month or Falguna masam falls during the Gregorian months of March and April. Those who plan to start new home construction during Falguna masam will be blessed with health and wellness in life. 

As per Hindu beliefs and texts, five months – Chaitra maas, Vaishakh maas, Karthik maas, Magh maas and Phalgun maas – are the best months for new home construction, whereas Bhadrapad month (August – September), Ashwin month or Ashwayuj maas ( September – October) and Poush mahina or Pushya maas ( December – January) are the bad months for construction of houses. Those who start house construction during these months may suffer from health problems, financial problems and family problems.

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  1. Padma Krishna says:

    Hi i live sydney my dob is 4.1.73 and my hubbys is 19.1.17. When is good time to start construction. Is march and april ok please reply me urgently. Thanks padma

  2. Rohit gupta says:

    My birthday is on 23.10.1974. Time 3.45 p m place is Dehradun. Tell me if I can start construction of my house in March 20, 2017.

  3. Aakash Khandelwal says:

    I want start my New house contraction in the month of march’17, so kindly share me good mahurat for contraction my dream house.
    plot registered with the name of Shushila and Aakahs ( Rashi name start from D).

    Thank you very much in advance for your support..

  4. Srinivasan says:

    i would like to perform bhoomi pooja on 2nd or 3rd april 2017 in secunderabad, can you please give us your opion weither to go head or not. if there is any advice please inform us so that we can plan accordiangly.



    dob srinivasan 16-8-1965, wife Indira 04-07-1965, son Deepak 25-9-1999

  5. lenn says:

    I was born march 19,1979 and my husband was born march 1,1979.we are planning to start d house construction at the later part of april this a best date for us?? Any suggestion. Ty..Philippines

  6. mohammad chand pasha says:

    i was born in 10 sep 1964 i want start my construction new house?

  7. Saneeta says:

    Sir I want to construct the house we r decided neev moharat on 28of march gudipadva tell me is the good date or not my name is sangeeta I don’t no my birthdate plz suggest me subh date or time

  8. s.k.venkatesh says:

    i have born in month of 28/09/1972
    which month is best to stat a new house contraction

  9. Fedrick lobo. says:

    I was Born on 8 June 1975 on what Day should i Start My construction. PLZ let me Know.

  10. Ranjit Kumar Sinha. says:

    My date of birth is 4.9.74 and my Rashi is pices. I am yielder son among my all brothers and sisters. Please suggest me for subh muhurt for bhumi pujan and construction of new home.

  11. Manju says:

    Sir I m started my house construction on 11/9/2016. I cannot complete my construction. I’m sffering in many way. What is the solution sir. My star uthrattathi.1976/March/30 my manju

  12. VN Patil says:

    I want to construction of new house

  13. Bhargav.B.M. says:

    Dear Sir,
    Iam having site 24*45 facing east side should i construct on north side is it ok which masa is best for construction of house and another my date of birth is 07.04.1985 time of birth 01.16 p.m. place of birth Nanjangud Name Bhargav.B.M.

  14. Ramesh Giri says:

    Shubh muhurat for construction of new house at Haldwani Uttarakhand

  15. venugopalachary says:

    I was born on 22nd -July-1968, I want to start new construction of house on 10th -May-2017 ,It is good for me .

  16. Anand K R says:

    We started in chaithra masa chathurdashi of 2016 what will happen

  17. Anand K R says:

    We started to build new house in chaithra maasa chathurdhashi in 2016 please say me how was that day

  18. Ram says:

    Can house construction be started in jyesta month?

  19. Henlor says:

    Gud pm! Sir my parents started our house contruction last october 2016 is it good?

  20. ashok kumar jakhar says:

    New home construction muhurat july -August 2017 btao please please sir

  21. Angela cabague says:

    I want to start construction house of june….what is the best date?or is it an good months ti start construc tion…

  22. Bhawani Prasad says:

    What about Shravan mass? Is it fine for bhumi pujan and construction work?

  23. Selvi yuvaraj says:

    Respected sir,
    I am selvi yuvaraj.I buy a new flat now, when I went to go for new house,pls tell me good time, date and month …pls
    My Dob-17/11/1986,time-3.45am
    My husband dob-10/11/1980,time-8.30am
    My daughter dob-2/11/2013,time-4.13pm Pls reply me soon
    Thank you

  24. mekala jyothi says:

    my name is raasi is Mithuna, aarudhra nakshatra, Date of birth 11/08/1977.
    Iam planning to perform bhoomi puja, either jeystha or shravan masam.
    I request you to help me by advising what to do.

  25. Marienzo Javillo says:

    I want to start house construction in June 10,2017,I was born on Dec. 20,1977 and my husband on September 24,1974,is it a good date to start June 10?

  26. Paramjèet singh says:

    I want to start new house in the month of June. Please suggest me the exact day and time.

  27. rajiv makan says:

    sir weare planning to start temple construction in the month of june pls suggest date. we already done bhumi pujan on 28th april 2017
    14aug 1965
    12noon delhi

  28. Anand K R says:

    We started to build new house in chaitra masa chathurdashi 2016 so how is our future

  29. Sushant panda says:

    Is bhumipuja good for construction work on 12.06.2017 of the house

  30. Juvy says:

    Hi. my birthday is July 23rd and my husband’s birthday is July 31st. We are planning to start constructing our house on July 18th. Is this a good date? Thank you for your reply. God bless us all.

  31. miteshkumar m.brahmbhatt says:

    My dob 6/11/1969 my wife dob 24/12/1975
    I want to start new home construction
    Pl.give bhumi pujan,khat muhrat

  32. Praveen says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am planning to start house construction(Bhumi pooja) tomorrow(Wednesday) between 7 to 8:30 AM and please let me know is the good day/time start.

  33. Josephine Magoncia says:

    Hello my husband are planning to start build our house next month september it is not good?can you suggest please.tjanks

  34. Ashish says:

    In October 2017, which date is most suitable to start construction of a new house.

  35. Prasanta says:

    My date of birth 5 may 1977 zodiac sign Libra want to start a house suggest date and time to start Bhima puja and construction.

  36. Manoranjan Dasmohapatra says:

    Which month is suitable for me to start new construction houe form today. 15.9.2017

  37. Sunil Kumar says:

    My name is sunil Kumar DOB 06/04/1984 rashi Aquarius I wana build new home plz tell me in which month we start construction and in which date

  38. gilna briones says:

    sir /madam

    i was built a house last December but not yet finish can you give me advise coz this month is not good
    Second house was built last august also and same month not good, i want to extend this house could you please give me an advise regarding this

  39. Sudhal says:

    My date of birt is 21 june 1971.time of my birth is 0845 pm.when I shoud Start constructing a house?

  40. Majety Sankararao says:

    I want to start construction of a house. I request the best muhurat. My age is 75years. I have born on telugu new years day. But the year n date time are not available. Pl reply.

  41. hershey ann says:

    sir i am planning to build a house this october2017 which dates is the best to start? thank you

  42. devalanaik says:

    Which is the best day for start home

  43. Mukesh chhakkar says:

    I want to start construction of house in two days send me muhrut of the same

  44. Divya says:

    Namaste sir,
    My husband name is guru prasad dob-16-10-1985. we r abt to start r New House construction in this year on December 1st, can u plz suggest abt r future

  45. Veronica huelar says:

    We wanted to build a house on december 2017. My name is veronica huelar born on november 24, 1973 and my husbands name is Albert Huelar who was born on August 26, 1976. What would be the best date to start contructing it. Thanks

  46. vijaykumar mk says:

    Dear sir
    My name is nikhil vijay my date of birth is 10.8.90.i like to start my house work in this month so you please tell me an good dates in november to start my house work
    Thank you

  47. om prakash mishra says:

    I want to start for new house construction on 23 Nov 2017 so pls give right suggestions

  48. Rajib kumar Bhuyan says:

    My name is Rajib kumar Bhuyan. DOB-29.051969.Time 2.05 pm. Pl.tell me a good day for laying foundation stone in themonth of Nov’2017

  49. josephine says:

    my name is josephine my birthday is may 21 1975my husband is amado her birthday is november 8 1970.which moth is the to build the ricemill building and to start the buseness thanks.

  50. satish Naik N says:

    My name is satish Naik N date of birth 20:7:1984 this month is better to laying foundation Stone and pooja plz reply Sir