Good months for construction of home, When to start constructing house?

Which months are good to start constructing houses? What is the best time for construction of homes? Here are some details about when a home should be built?

Among all 12 Hindu months, 4 months are best months to start construction of houses. And 3 months are to avoid starting or planning for constructing homes.

Best months to start Construction of House:

Chaitra Maas:

Chaitra month or Chaitra maas usually falls during the Gregorian months of March and April. Chaitra masam is one of the best months to start construction of homes. Constructing homes in Chaitra masam brings happiness and blessings of Pitru devatas (ancestors) as well as Gods.

Vaishakh Maas:

Vaishakh month or Vaishakh maas usually falls during the Gregorian months of April and May. Vaishakha masam is one of the auspicious time periods to initiate building home. Constructing house in Vaishakha masam brings wealth and prosperity to the owners.

Kartik Maas:

Karthik month or Kartik maas usually falls during the Gregorian months of October and November. Those who start building new home during Karthika masam will be blessed with joy and happiness in entire life.

Magh Maas:

Magh month or Magha masam falls during the Gregorian months of January and February. Those who start constructing new house during Magha masam will be blessed with success and fruitfulness in every aspect of life.

Phalgun Maas:

Phalgun month or Falguna masam falls during the Gregorian months of March and April. Those who plan to start new home construction during Falguna masam will be blessed with health and wellness in life. 

As per Hindu beliefs and texts, five months – Chaitra maas, Vaishakh maas, Karthik maas, Magh maas and Phalgun maas – are the best months for new home construction, whereas Bhadrapad month (August – September), Ashwin month or Ashwayuj maas ( September – October) and Poush mahina or Pushya maas ( December – January) are the bad months for construction of houses. Those who start house construction during these months may suffer from health problems, financial problems and family problems.

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  1. Kogila says:

    hi sir im planning to renovate my apartment ,please let me know the subh date and time to start.and what are the pooja procedures to do before start renovations.tq in advance.

  2. kogila says:

    dear sir im planning to renovate my apartment,pls let know the subh date and time,and what are the pooja must do before start renovation. tq in advance

  3. Pralhad K. Sonkusare says:

    Dear sir

    I want start my house construction during march, april 2016. I want to start house construction on first floor My rashi is kanya

    thanking you

  4. v.vijayakumar says:

    I Want start my house construction during march ,April 2016 ground floor My rashi is leo

  5. OOMKUMAR M says:

    Dear Sir,

    I wanted to start my Home construction on 11th April-2016 at Tamil Nadu.
    My Rasi : Rishab and Nachthra : Mirugasrisham.

    Pl. advise, whether I can start my home on this day or not?
    Call :9488589343

  6. Lakshman says:

    My Name is Lakshman and my wfie name is Lalitha, I want to renovate my indipendent house by and a sump. Please inform me the good date and time to start the same.

  7. Pramod joshi says:

    Sir i want to start construction in the month april 2016 so please suggest good day what about ugadi muhurt

  8. s hashi shankar says:

    Sir, I want to start my house construction in april 2016.and my rashi is aquarious (kumbh).

  9. brajbhushan asati says:

    I want to start first floor const. of my house in april/16 plz advise me best mahurat
    my DOB:21/11/1958

  10. rajeshkumar trivedi says:

    sir i want to renovate kitchen of my house located in ahmedabad the current me auspicious day date and time to start.

  11. r narsimha goud says:

    Sir I want to stat my house construction in April 2016 and my rasi squarpio vruchikarasi

  12. shirly estabillo says:

    my name is shirly estabillo i want to build a new house may 22 please reply me that is good month for me to build i want good health and wellness

  13. Annie Ramjattan says:

    I want to begin constructing on my new home inthe months of May 2016 my horoscope is Libra as well as my husband what date is appropriate

  14. Hema says:

    Hi Sir, I am Hema from Malaysia and my question can we renovate our existing house on Akshaya Tritiya day?….Because I am going to do a small extension on the front portion of my house so is that ok to do it on this auspicious day?

    Waiting for your reply soon.


  15. sumithra says:

    I want to start the bhoomi pooja on this day of basava jayathi – akshaya thrithya
    can we start
    my husband -DOB is 02.01.2081
    Anuradha nakshatra
    place bangalore

  16. rina nath says:

    I am building a granny flat in my backyard.i have signed the contract on the 7th may the last week if july is the good time to start building the house.
    I am august born and my star sign is leo.

  17. Sunanda Majumder says:

    Dear sir,
    We are going to start construction of my new house addition with my old house.
    So June month 2016 is fever for me.
    My rashi is kanya.
    Please give me your valuable suggestions.
    Thank you
    With regard’s
    Sunanda Majumder

  18. sushma says:

    what about june to construct a house

  19. Pavan Kumar says:

    Sir, which days (in June – July) are auspicious for BHumi Puja (for starting house construction) in Dehradun?

  20. grace gernade says:

    Hi. Im grace and i want to build my house this month of june 2016. What should be the best date for? My zodiac sign is libra.thanks.

  21. usha says:

    sir i want to construct a house in month july 2016 which date is good to start constructing a work please tell me

  22. krishna kumar says:

    respected sir,

    i want to start my home construction in july month pl. provided actual day & time of shubh muhurat for constrcution start

  23. Utra chandra says:

    I am born 18 august 1959.
    Is august 2016 good time to start laying foundation
    Of new home.
    Plz assist me asap.
    Syd australia)

  24. Vijai says:

    Can I start house construction in july 2016. My rashi is Simha…& nakshatra is Maka

  25. angeline holdana says:

    iwant to start to build my house month of augost 2016im scorpio and mu husband is gimini

  26. Sohanbisht says:

    Pandit ji oct 16 me bhoomi poojan ka din bataye kirpaya

  27. Kajal Maurya says:

    I wann construction my house
    But I want to know muhurat

  28. Roy Nelson Ramos says:

    I’m planning to start the construction of my two storey commercial-residential building this coming October 18, 2016. Is my choice of date the best for me?

  29. Jennifer cervantes says:

    My sister plan to build a new house 0n october 28, 2016 is it a good month/date to start? What can u advice? Thank you hoping for your reply

  30. Tom T. Adrias says:

    I want to construct a house this november 29,2016 i born may 22 1981

  31. Medelina Pinco says:

    Sir is October 15 good for layout of the house or start for construction of the house?

  32. Iyyappan says:

    My husband birth month is chit raI his star is thiruvonam my birth month is septemper & my star is re vat hi in which month & day is good for us to construct our house

  33. Rajanikant says:

    Give me good muhurt for constructing house in 2016 December to may 2017

  34. Rajat Pal says:

    kripya kar ke ghar banane ka muhurat batayein… jitni jaldi best muhurat ho.. Dhanayavaad

  35. Laxman magham says:

    I want to start my new house on this month tell me the time and date.

  36. Decena alayon says:

    I was born on April 25 1975
    please let me know what day I can start mt house this month of November

  37. Michael Tero says:

    Sir is it good to build a house by december or not?

  38. Usha says:

    Kindly mention dates to start construction too it would be very helpful thanks and regards

  39. Vinod says:

    I was born 1975 nearly VINAYAKA charities. Date and manthapur no idea.please let me know what day I can start my home this December

  40. Prathibha says:

    My name is Prathibha, I am born in aaridra nakshatra and My husband is born on 26th Jan 1970, in pubba nakshatra and Simba rashi can u pls let me know dates for bhoomi Pooja during Dec or Feb and also mention which date is most recommended. Thanks

  41. Srinivas.musham says:

    My name srinivasulu.musham .I bought one plot on the name of my wife M.saritha . What is the best muhurtham ? What shall we see?please tell me .

  42. Ajit Kumar, dob-05-07-1984, Muzaffarpur bihar says:

    We are planning to build new house within this month ie Dec 16. Can you suggest any good date to do bhumi puja and start construction of new house

  43. V KAVIDAS says:

    i was born in 1967 22 november. i want to construct a new house. can u help me the exact time to start the work

  44. Gajendra Prasad says:

    My house constructions is running from Kartik mas but roofing construction will be made in pus mas.Is this month right for roof replay me.

  45. Shiny says:

    My husband’s birthdate is sept 1 and his star is Pooram … kindly request a good date in Dec 2016 or Janu 2017 for laying foundation stone

  46. Shamsher singh says:


  47. Suresh says:

    Sir my name Suresh my wife name Sneha n my date of birth 20-05-1981 sir I want to start my new home construction on February 09th 2017 please suggest me sir (from Karnataka)

  48. MELDRED N. LLEGO says:

    Hi,..We are planning to build a house this coming March-April 2017. It is good month to start for it? Thank you .

  49. Ganesh says:

    Sir, i would like to demolish and reconstruct my father house. Please give me the good dates for demolish the house & start construction in February month. Father is passed away 3.5 years back.
    My DOB:09/09/1982,time:5:00am

  50. Charise C.Mamaat says:

    I was born in May 25, 1971. May i ask the month that good for me to start a house construction?