Shubha Lagnas, Auspicious Ascendants for Bhoomi Pooja

What are the auspicious Lagnas or Ascendants for Bhumi Pooja (Shankhu Sthapana|Gruharambha)? Here is the list of Lagnas that are auspicious for Bhoomi Poojan…

Vrishabha Lagna (Taurus Ascendant)

Mithuna Lagna (Gemini Ascendant)

Kanya Lagna (Virgo Ascendant)

Dhanu Lagna (Sagittarius Ascendant)

Kumbha Lagna (Aquarius Ascendant)

Meena Lagna (Pisces Ascendant)

Bhumi Pujan or Shankhu Sthapana (Foundation stone installation) is a Hindu ritual associated with starting the construction of house, office or any other building. In some places, during Bhumi Poojan, a Shankhu (conch) is installed at a place by digging the soil for few feet.

After Bhumi Pujan, you can start the work whenever you want. And there is no need to choose for a best muhurat for starting work as the Bhoomi Poojan itself is considered the initiation of the work of construction.

Bhumi Pujan items list – what are material needed for Bhumi Poojan

Bhumi Pujan Muhurat 2013

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  1. Anita kanthi says:

    Kindly provide me auspicious muhurat for bhoomi pooja in November 2017

  2. Nagasree says:

    Kindly check whether this Sunday can I do boomi Pooja if yes at what time.. Thank you and will be waiting for your reply

  3. Saroja says:

    Tamil month for starting house construction