Golden words are not repeated

Golden words are not repeated more than once. This can be applied in case of hearing or listening to the spiritual teachings or divine discourses of the great saints and divine discoursers. Whenever we hear some good things, we have to immediately pick it up in our mind, and must follow it in our life.

During ancient times, in the Gurukulam type of studies, the disciples of the holy guru would move with their guru in an obedient manner, and would serve them sincerely. With regard to the teachings of the Vedic studies, the Guru would tell only once, and the students must have to grasp it immediately. If some students didn’t hear to their golden words properly, then the Guru would become angry with them, and would give some small punishment like doing cleaning job in and around the ashram, providing food to the lovely animals like deer and cows etc.

In case of kings, if their attendants didn’t hear to their words properly, then they may give big punishment like severing their head or removing the organs from their body like that. But some kind hearted kings, would bear the mistakes of their attendants, and also would forgive them.

In case of great saints and divine avatars like Lord Buddha and Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, they used to repeat their teachings twice and thrice also, it the people attending to their lectures are unable to understand it properly. In case of Guru Dakshinamoorthy, when he was surrounded by the sages, and when they try to ask their spiritual doubts with him, the holy divine guru observed strict silence and sat in a meditation posture, by opening his half eyes. Immediately all the doubts stored in the mind of the sages were clarified, and they were very happy also.

Similarly Madhwa saints like Sri Padaraja, Vadiraja, Guru Raghavendra and Vyasaraja used to explain their teachings to their students in a nice manner. They would never get angry with their disciples, even when they didn’t show sincere attention on their teachings. They used to correct them in a kind manner, and they would never punish them for their wrong attitude, and it all depends on the nature of the person who is delivering the lectures to his disciples.

Hence let us keep our mind sharp whenever we hear any important teachings or discourses held in the temples or mutts, since we should always remember the golden proverb that, “GOLDEN WORDS ARE NOT REPEATED MORE THAN ONCE”.


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