God’s Presence before his devotees

Jivatma Paramatma Krishna Sudama

Jivatma Paramatma Krishna Sudama

God’s Presence before his devotees.. God would appear before his devotees based on their sincere bhakti. In appreciation to the penance of the great Dhruva, Lord Vishnu had appeared before him with a smiling face, even though he has undergone penance only for six months. Since the intention of Dhruva was good, the great almighty has shown his presence within a short period, since Lord Vishnu didn’t also want Dhruva to suffer from hunger and thirst. Whereas, Lord Brahma, had granted boons to Ravana and Kumbakarna only after a long time, since their intention were not good, though they have undergone strict penance for several years.

Prahalada has got the opportunity to have the darshan of Lord Narasimha whenever he wishes, since he was blessed by Lord Narasimha to show his appearance on anytime. But we would have read in some holy texts, that some sages like Viswamitra and Vasishta have been granted boons by the gods only after their long penance. Though the sages intention were good, however, while compared with the devotion shown by Prahalada and Dhruva, the great almighty didn’t give that much consideration for the penance performed by the sages.

Still now we can get the divine vision of the god, even without performing strict penance on him, but that can be made possible, only if we keep the great almighty on our soul. We should consider all the creations as the aspects of the god, and we should move with everyone in a polite manner, and apart from that, we should be generous and kind with everyone, and also we should keep constant faith and bhakti on the god. If we adopt all these things in our life, then on one fine day, we could get the darshan of the god in the form of Vinayaka, Shiva, Shakti or Muruga.

At this present period, through our Nama Japam, reciting the holy names of the god, we could easily attract the god, and we should also develop more and more bhakti on the god. Our each and every cell must chant the Mantras and the names of the god, and our bones and blood must also speak beautifully about him. But one thing we should always remember, “God’s darshan cannot be attained through our money power, whereas it can be attained only through our spiritual power!


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