Goddess Matangi & her consort Lord Shiva

There are ten mahavidyas of wisdom goddess which present womanly divinity from frightening goddess to soft one. Goddess matangi is one and only of the ten mahavidyas where she presents the main form of all powerful goddess recognized as Devi in Hinduism.

Existing as the girl of sage matanga, she bears a dark skin colour with three eyes, two or four hands with wide-ranging weapons and far-famed as the goddess of beauty, glad married life, spousal relationship and material benefits. Agreeing to daksha yajna it is said that she is the girl of daksha as sati and wife of lord Shiva.

Matangi’s first myth was related with ucchista matangini when lord Shiva and parvati was served up with food from lord Vishnu and goddess Lakshmi and from the disgorged food a maid aroused and was empowered with good dimensions named Ucchista matangini. Goddess matangi is linked up with the ‘Full moon’ or ‘night of intoxication’ and she has command of the throat chakra which implies that she blesses her devotees with music and poetry particularly. Meditation upon goddess matangi allows for inspiration, blessing and peace in the mind and a healthy well-being for devotees.

The Goddess is believed by the Hindu religious scholars and pundits as most powerful Goddess among the Hindu Religious Goddesses. She is a wish fulfiller so devotees and pilgrim pray at her feet in order to get their wishes and desires fulfilled within a short span of time and also offer thanks giving rituals and prayer to this particular goddess with much devotion and dedication.

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