Vrishabha Lagna Predictions 2017-2018 | Taurus Ascendant

Vrishabha Lagna (Taurus Ascendant) is the second among 12 Lagnas (Ascendants) in Hindu Astrology. Here are the predictions for Vrishabha Lagna in 2017-2018 year…

Please note that these predictions are based on your Lagna (Ascendant), not on your Moon sign (Chandra Rashi) or Sun sign (Surya Rashi). The predictions given here are generalised ones not personalised predictions, before arriving to any conclusion, please make sure to consider your personal horoscope.

And also note that negative results or positive results, at least predictions, depend on your present period (Dasha) and present sub period (antardasha) of planets.

Planetary Positions 2017-18

  • Guru / Brihaspati (Jupiter) – Guru will be in 5th house until September 2017. Later moves into 6th house.
  • Shani (Saturn) – Shani will be in 7th house till it moves into 8th house on 26 January 2017.
  • Rahu – Rahu will be in 4th house in the beginning and then moves into 3rd house.
  • Ketu – Ketu will be in 10th house till he moves into 9th house in the mid of 2017.
  • Shukra (Venus), Mangal (Mars) and Ketu will be in conjunction in the beginning of 2017 in 10th house
  • Ravi (Sun) and Budha (Mercury) will be in 8th house.

Now, lets read about the predictions 2017-18 for Vrishabha Lagna natives


For Vrishabha Lagna natives, first 3 quarters will be successful in the studies. Self confidence, motivation and self assessment will make you a winner in your group. It is a highly positive period for competitive exams and interview.

Career / Business

For Vrishbha Lagna natives, 2017-18 is a good year in career and business aspects. Differences with boss at work place may give you a jolt. Be careful with superiors while talking to them.

The natives of Taurus ascendant will get respect from all corners of the society in the beginning of the year. Those who are associated with politics, public relations, communications, social field, etc. will rise in their positions. The last part of the year may be a bit rough.

Financially, its a great period as flow of money will routed to your from somewhere or other. But over expenses may hurt you badly. If you restrict the over expenditure, its a fruitful year in terms of finance.


Since Saturn will come into your 8th house (Ashtama Shani), health will be a major concern for the natives of Taurus ascendant. Rahu is also in malefic position which may cause health issues. Possibilities of accidents, injuries, wounds, etc are on cards.

Gastric infections, liver problems, joint pains and orthopaedic complaints may arise. To nullify the mental tensions, practice Yoga and meditation.

Marriage & Family

Till June 2017, its not auspicious for marriage for Vrishabha Lagna natives. Later part of the year will be good for marriage.

Family life will be below average. Differences will arise in the family. The lack of happiness will turn the family atmosphere into negative circle.

Relationship wise, its a rough time. If your 7th house is malefic, then you may have to face hard times in married life.

You will feel loneliness at home. In first part of 2017 will be good as your children may give you some good news. But the last part of the year, your father and brother may not support you as much as they would during the first part.


  • Visit Kalabhairava Temple. Perform Rudrabhishekam.
  • Chant Mrityunjaya Mantra daily.
  • Support the poor students.
  • If you can, perform ‘Maha Mrityunjaya Japam’.

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