Why is there no sanskara for divorce in 16 Sankaras in Hinduism

Why is there no sanskara for divorce in 16 Sankaras in Hinduism?

You know, sanskaras are there so that you get something from them. A divorce is using the delete button, that is it.

Maybe even sanyaasa could be called as a delete button, wherein you leave everything. It is not that you enter something, whatever has been entered is deleted in divorce.

These are all for the householders, all these sanskaras. And sanyaasa is becoming a monk, where you press one delete button and everything deletes.

I usually tell people, you put your 100% to see that your relationship works. And not just in one or two months, give enough time, enough space for the other person to grow to your level, or for you to grow to their level. Give enough time. After your 100% effort, if it doesn’t work, then it is better you go your different ways, and still be friends, rather than making things very sour and having to live in very frustrated condition. It is better to move apart happily.

But you have to give your 100% to make it work. It is not an easy job for many, especially in these days.

In ancient times, people had that great acceptance. They took it for granted that it is a done deal. Once you are married, then that is it, you have to live with them. People had that type of attitude. Like you have chosen your mother and father once, your brother and sister once, like that they would say, ‘I’ve chosen this husband, this is it!’. That type of mindset they used to have, but today it’s not the case. So we have to be with the changing times.

Note – This is an excerpt of Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji’s discourses of Art of Living satsang.

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