Goddess Kolaramma, Presiding Deity of Kolar in Karnataka

Thousand years ago, the Cholas built the Kolaramma Temple. Since then, Kolaramma is the deity of the Kolar town in Karnataka. Goddess Kolaramma is another name for Goddess Parvathi, whom the populace of Kolar town worships. Goddess Parvathi or Goddess Kolaramma is the Godess of power. The Maharajas of Mysore used to frequent this temple of Goddess Kolaramma and seek her blessings.

The Kolaramma temple is one of the most beautifully sculptured ones in the area. The abundance of granite stones, back in those days, was put in to use by building temples with them. The Kolaramma is no exception.

The Kolaramma temple is constructed in the Dravida Vimana Style during the Ganga period. Among the number of inscriptions that the Cholas scribed on the walls of the temple, the oldest one was inscribed by Rajendra Chola – I.

Another deity that presides in the Kolaramma temple is Chelamma. Scorpion Goddess or popularly known as Chelamma, is worshipped by the people to be saved from scorpion bites at any point of time. In the temple of Goddess Kolaramma, there is an interesting thing to be witnessed. There is a well – Hundi, in Kannada, which collects the money offerings from the hundreds of visitors that come each day.

It is an age-old custom to put at least one coin into the opening on the floor. As one does so, he can hear the jingling sound of the coin, which goes all the way. At the end it reaches the accumulation of coins since thousands of years.



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