Purpose of Siddhis (Paranormal Powers)

What is the purpose of Siddhis (paranormal powers)? Siddhis are the paranormal powers that are mentioned in Scriptures and ancient books. Okay, when you want something, before the want arises if it is available to you, that is called siddhi. Suppose you want to get married and you don’t get anybody till you become 70, what do you […]

Mata Kolaramma

Kolaramma is the divine mother widely worshipped by the people of Kolar in Karnataka, and Kolaramma is the divine incarnation of Mata Parvati Devi. The Kolaramma temple is more than thousand years old and it was built by the Chola kings. Kolaramma is worshipped by the people of Kolar, as their Ishta Devi, Kula Devi […]

Goddess Kolaramma, Presiding Deity of Kolar in Karnataka

Thousand years ago, the Cholas built the Kolaramma Temple. Since then, Kolaramma is the deity of the Kolar town in Karnataka. Goddess Kolaramma is another name for Goddess Parvathi, whom the populace of Kolar town worships. Goddess Parvathi or Goddess Kolaramma is the Godess of power. The Maharajas of Mysore used to frequent this temple […]