Mata Kolaramma

Kolaramma is the divine mother widely worshipped by the people of Kolar in Karnataka, and Kolaramma is the divine incarnation of Mata Parvati Devi. The Kolaramma temple is more than thousand years old and it was built by the Chola kings.

Kolaramma is worshipped by the people of Kolar, as their Ishta Devi, Kula Devi and Guardian deity.Lot of Mysore kings were repaired and renovated the ancient Kolaramma temple. The temple is very good in art and architecture, and attracts large number of visitors due to the natural surroundings nearby the temple shrine.

Along with Mata Kolaramma, Mata Chelamma also known as the scorpion goddess is worshipped by the people. People believe that by worshipping Chelamma they would be safeguarded from snake and scorpion bites, and from dreaded viruses. Devotees make their offerings in the hundi kept at the temple inside a pit, and so far, no one has opened the temple hundi and counted the value of the offerings.

The Someshwara Temple is a famous Shiva temple which is situated nearby the Kolaramma temple. Special pujas would be performed on Tuesdays and Fridays, and along with that Abhishekham to the deities also would be done.

Saptamatrikas shrine is also located inside the temple premises. The temple is visited by the devotees from all parts of India especially during the months of March and April. The famous Karage Festival is celebrated in favour of Mata Kolaramma during those months.

Lot of devotees have experienced many good changes in their life after visiting this holy temple. People suffering from mental diseases and mental disorders are advised to visit this temple, and to worship Mata Kolaramma and Chellamma, in order to get complete cure from their mental illness.

Let us visit and worship the divine mother.


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