God never show Enmity on Others

Jivatma Paramatma Krishna Sudama

Jivatma Paramatma Krishna Sudama

God never show enmity on others. He would never interfere in the personal matters of the people, but he would remain as a silent spectator. Whatever good or bad karmas done by us, we only have to bear it, since this is based on the laid down rules of the god.But god shows his kindness to all the living beings in the earth created by him. Even to his enemies like Ravana, Kansa and Duryodana, he had shown great mercy and also gave salvation to them after their death.

God has sent lot of saints and saviours in this earth like Madhwacharya, Raghavendra, Ramana, Shirdi Baba and Rama Krishna Paramahamsa in order to invoke the “BHAKTI” in our mind. Through their valuable teachings, we could shape our life in a good manner, and similar to worshipping the deities, we should also worship the saints sincerely. Saints are the intermediaries, and they act as a mediator between us and the god. They are having the capacity to even change our fate, since they contains super natural powers. Some people used to worship only the deities, and they would ignore the saints, since they consider them as “HUMANS”. They should always remember that though saints have been born and lived as humans, they contain the full grace of the god, and they can get the divine vision of the god at any time. God would permanently dwell in the souls of the saints, and saints are having enormous powers, like to create, protect and destroy the world, similar to the god.

God is beyond the likes and dislikes of the people, but he is ready to always lend his helping hand during our tough times. Our human life is not certain, and it would keep changing each and every second. Yesterday, we would be having good health, but today we might suffer from illness, since it all depends on the wishes of the god, based on our karmic deeds. In order to get the grace of the god, we should keep on thinking about him, even during the times of illness, poverty and during the worst situations in our life. God is not creating everyone as alike, and he makes lot of changes in the lives of the people, like colour, status and behaviour. No one lives in this world with full of happiness and perfectness. Even if a person possesses a very good health and wealth, he would be worrying about some other problems like fear from theft, diseases and about the wellness of his near and dear and also about him.

We should always knew, that we cannot buy happiness from any store. Happiness can be derived only through our noble activities. We would have read in magazines and newspapers, that some rich people commit suicides due to mental stress and tensions. Though there are lot of suicide prevention centres exists in many countries, still once when a person gets depressed, and if he is unable to overcome from it, then immediately he is taking the extreme step of committing suicide.

In the holy Bhagavat Gita, Lord Krishna tells “Surrender me, so that you would always protected by me”. But some people are not willing to surrender at his feet, and due to that, they are suffering from lot of problems in their life.In order to avoid all such bad things in our life, we must always involve ourselves in the divine thoughts, and we should worship the god in our soul, sing his songs, and must sanctify him through prayers. For maintaining friendship even with our enemies, we must have to keep a framed or laminated picture of Lord Rama and Hanuman in the form of hugging posture.

We can also do meditation in our puja room, and also can watch the pictures of the deities for a few minutes regularly. Sometimes we may feel that the deities smile on us and bless us from the pictures. We can also observe fasting during auspicious days like Chaturthi, Shasti and on Ekadasi days, in order to purify our souls and also by the way of observing fasting, we can clean our stomach, by removing the harmful toxins from our body.

We should always share lot of spiritual information with others, and must make others to get involved in spirituality. Once we taste the sweetness of bhakti, then we would never get mental stress or depression, we would live our life peacefully, and also we would get a painless and a natural death.


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