God needs our Support

Jivatma Paramatma Krishna Sudama

Jivatma Paramatma Krishna Sudama

Yes. God really needs our support, since he would never raise temples, spiritual institutions,Holy Mutts, and spend money for spiritual related activities on his own. Ancient temples were built by the kings, as per the instructions given by the gods and goddesses like Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Ma Shakti Devi on their dreams, and as result, many beautiful shrines of the deities had arisen, and still now ancient temples are good in art, architecture and divinity.

Even Lord Krishna in his Bhagavat Gita teachings had said, “Always be involve yourself in spiritual activities like singing, praising and by the way of helping in building the temples of the deities. Spend at least some portion of your money towards temple construction activities, since even I (God) needs support from you(Humans), and I never feel ashamed in asking you to do favourable activities for me, since, after all I consider all of my creations as my divine aspects. Whatever you do in favour of me would be blessed by me, and I would give you hundred times of more than what you have been contributed towards spiritual activities. I would never cheat my devotees, since I always keep great love and affection on them”.

Hence, we must have to come forward to donate at least some amount towards construction and renovation of temples, and also must contribute money for the consecration ceremony and for conducting permanent pujas in the temples. Similar to eating food by the humans, god also must be provided with sufficient food in the name of holy Prasad items, since it is believed that god would either eat at least some portion of the Prasad items kept by us in the Puja Room, or otherwise he would at least smell those Prasad items.

We (Hindus) must have to protect our holy Sanatana Dharma by the way of distributing pamphlets to the devotees who visit the temples, and must tell about the significance of our holy deities, and also must tell about the significance of reading our Holy Books Ramayan and Bhagavatham, since by reading these sacred books, plenty of chances are there for the readers to attain salvation after their death, since some of the Hindus are getting converted to other religions with the belief that they would get salvation after their death by reading the religious books of other religions.

Hindus must have to donate their excess wealth and lands to the temples/ holy mutts/ religious institutions, in order to make those religious centres to function for ever without any financial difficulty.God is also supposed to bend his head before the Yuga Dharma. That’s why, even, once, when our temples were looted by few Muslim Kings, he didn’t objected them, and kept quiet, but it is believed that later he might have definitely punished the cruel Muslim Kings. God is having enormous powers to procure all the needed things on his own for the purpose of building temples and for temple related activities. But he would never do on his own, but instead of that, he would motivate his devotees, to do those pious activities in order to generate more and more good karmas to them.Hence let us support the god, who has created the entire universe, who has no beginning and end, who is having immeasurable powers, and he is the one, who is an omnipotent.


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