Bhakta Giridharlal | Great Devotee of Lord Krishna

God is our best friend, and he can never be our enemy, even though during some times, due to our sufferings, we may consider him as our enemy, but he is the true friend of us, who would guide us, and would make us to walk in the bhakti path. He notices our every action, and tries to correct us, at his level best, and he also satisfies our reasonable needs. Hence we should develop great faith on him, and also we must help others to develop strong bhakti on the almighty.

Bhakti is the very important thing in this world, and we should follow it regularly.

During the 12th century AD, in the holy place of Vrindavan, a learned Brahmin scholar who was known as Giridharlal lived on the banks of the Holy River Yamuna. He was a Vedic scholar, and he used to chant the Vedic mantras in the temples, and also in the homes of the Brahmins. In his free time, he has done puja in the temples of Lord Krishna, and also in the homes of the devotees of Lord Krishna.

He was praised by others for his sincere Krishna Bhakti, and towards showering kindness over others. He also respected the saints and the common man, and treated everyone as the holy incarnations of Lord Krishna. He was a qualified musician, and he used to sing and dance in praise of Lord Krishna.

His songs on God would melt the hearts of the people, both young and the old, and also provided a great feast for their ears.

He used to perform discourses on Srimad Bhagavatham, and would narrate the Rasaleela of Lord Krishna amongst the devotees.

One day in order to test his bhakti, the local king of Vrindavan had ordered him to play the divine music, which would be usually played by the divine musicians Narada and Tumburu in the Indra Loka and in the Brahma Loka.

Giridarlal was very much worried, and he immediately prayed to Lord Krishna to save him from the trouble. To his surprise, Rishi Narada and Tumbura had appeared before him, blessed him, and also gave their divine instruments to him and disappeared, and they were not visible to the eyes of others.

Immediately, Giridharlal was able to perform divine music in a melodious manner, and he continuously played different Deva Loka Ragas, and the crowd who were assembled there, including the king of Vrindavan, were very much astonished, and praised for his sincere bhakti on Lord Krishna. Bhakta Giridharlal had helped others also to attain salvation, and at the time of his death, divine attendants from Vaikunta came to his home, and took him in their Divine aircraft to Vaikunta.


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