Damodardas | Ardent devotee of Lord Krishna

Sri Damodardas was an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna. He was born in a village in Gujarat in a pious Hindu family. His parents were died at his young age, and hence young Damodardas left his home, and began to wander in the streets, and lived his life by the way of begging. One day […]

Bhakta Giridharlal | Great Devotee of Lord Krishna

God is our best friend, and he can never be our enemy, even though during some times, due to our sufferings, we may consider him as our enemy, but he is the true friend of us, who would guide us, and would make us to walk in the bhakti path. He notices our every action, […]

Shyamala Sundari | Ardent devotee of Krishna

Shyamala, also known as Shyamala Sundari (15th Century AD) was a great spiritual poet and a staunch devotee of Lord Krishna. She was born in the present day Porbandar at Gujarat, and she was a celebrated female Bhakti saint, who is still remembered by the Gujarati people, for her great love, affection and dedication on […]

Gangasati | Saint Poet of Gujarat, devotee of Sri Krishna

Gangasati (14th century AD) was a female saint and a great poet who composed lot of devotional songs and sung in praise of Lord Krishna. According to legend, she was born in a pious Rajput family in a village at Gujarat. She got married to a noble person and lived her life in the present-day […]

Koli Bhagat | Ardent devotee of Lord Sri Krishna

Koli Bhagat was born in Koli Community, in Chotila at Gujarat, and he belonged to lower class. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna, and he inculcated the “KRISHNA BHAKTI” in the minds of the Koli Community people. His job is to take the cattle for grazing in the morning, and to handover it […]

Sant Sankhya | Sweeper who has become Sant

Sankhya (15th century AD) was born in a village in Maharashtra, and he was a sweeper by profession. Due to his good karmas, he got the opportunity of sweeping in a Krishna Temple at his village, but he is not allowed to enter inside the main shrine of the temple, since he belonged to a […]

Manjula, ardent devotee of Guruvayurappa

Manjula was a noble girl who lived in a village near Guruvayur, Kerala. She got the habit of daily submitting beautiful flower garlands to the Lord in the Guruvayur temple at night. One day night, when she arrived near the temple with her garlands, she found that the temple was closed. She was very much […]