Gai Jatra 2022 | Gai Jatara Festival Celebrations in Nepal

Gai Jatra is one of the most celebrated festivals in Nepal. Gai Jatra is celebrated in the Nepali Bhadra month (August – September) or Shravan Maas. In 2022, GaiJatra date is August 12.

Due to Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), Gai Jatra is celebrated with limited number of enthusiasts amidst stringent lockdown rules such as physical distance, etc.

Usually, Gai Jatra festival is celebrated on the next day to Janai Purnima or Shravan Purnima.

Gai Jatara celebrates the procession of cows, popularly celebrated in Kathmandu valley. On this day of Gai Jatra, the procession of cows is taken up by every family who has lost a family member during the previous year.

Boys are dressed like cows and participated in the procession of cows during Gai Jatra.

In 2021, GaiJatra date is August 23.

In 2020, GaiJatra date is August 4.

In 2019, GaiJatra date was August 16.

In 2018, GaiJatra date was August 27.

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  1. ayushree says:

    namaste!! I need information of gaijatra on nepali….can yuu send it to me or write some more information.


      Hi You can see the link below the post in Related Posts. The legend and the origin of Gai Jatra is mantioned in that article.