Dashain 2021 dates, Dasain Festival 2021 in Nepal



Dashain is the most celebrated and the biggest festival of Nepal, Bhutan and some North Eastern states of India.

Dashain festival starts on October 7 with Ghatsthapana and ends on 15 October with Vijayadashami Tika or Bijayadashami. Tika and Jamara will continue till 20 October in 2021.

Dasain 2021 dates – Dashain 2021 Calendar or Schedule of Dashian Festival in 2021

Ghatasthapana – 7 October 2021 (21 Asoj 2078)

Fulpati – 12 October 2021 (26 Asoj 2078)

Ashtami – 13 October 2021 (27 Asoj 2078)

Nawami – 14 October 2021 (28 Asoj 2078)

Bijaya Dashami – 15 October 2021 (29 Asoj 2078) – Dashain Tika

Purnima (Full moon) – 20 October 2021 (3 Kartik 2078)

Tika and Jamara – from 15 October to 20 October 2021

Dashain festival is similar to Durga Navratras celebrated in India. The rituals and pujas during the both festivals are same but Dashain is celebrated for 15 days whereas Durga Navaratras is culminated on 10th day.

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  1. rajesh pandey says:

    Hi friends! Aaj Maowadi haru ko pani dr cchaina, raja shri 5 haru ko pani kunai trash cchaina tara pani tihar ko khushiyali tyati jhalke ko cchaina. Yasto kin?????

  2. utsab says:

    Wait! September 28th to october 6 makes only 9 days..?????do you know what you’re talking about??

  3. Rakesh Rajbanshi says:

    Hello Nepalese Daju Bhai haru missing Dashain and Tihar very much ……………

  4. kuber jung bohara says:

    nepali hindu daju bhai didi bahaini shubha chintak deshbashi haruma dashaiko shubh kamana……….happy dashain all hindhu family………..all nepali

  5. DN. Sharma says:

    To all Nepalese Brothers, Sisters and colleques Happy dasain and deepawali.