Dashain – Dasain festival in Nepal

Dashain is the 10-day festival celebrated in Nepal and Bhutan with a lot of gusto. Dasain is a state festival of Sikkim, Darjeeling district of West Bengal and some other North Eastern states of India. This is a harvest festival in Nepal and Bhutan.

On the first day of Dashain, Ghatasthapana puja is observed and ‘Dashain Ghar or a special puja room is decorated. During Dasain, Saptamatrikas (7 divine Mothers), Ashtamatrikas (8 tantrik Goddesses) and Nava Durga Goddesses (9 aspects of Durga) are worshipped. Barley or paddy is sowed on earthern pots (ghata) and after ten days the seeds get sprouted. It marks the good harvest. All non-resident Nepalese return to their country to celebrate the festival of Dashain.

In fact, Dashain is celebrated for fifteen days in Nepal. The first day is to sow Jamara, the braley and corn saplings. The main Dashain or Tika festival is celebrated on tenth day. On first nine days of Dashain, nine manifestations of Durga (Nava Durga) are worshipped. From 10th to 15th days of Dasain, Tika and Jamara are performed.

In Nepal, animal sacrifice is very common during Dasain on Ashtami and Navami days. Hindu culture and Hinduism do not encourage such rude rituals. Civilized world will hate such hasty sacrifices.

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