Gai Jatra 2019 | Gai Jatara Festival Celebrations in Nepal

Gai Jatra is one of the most celebrated festivals in Nepal. Gai Jatra is celebrated in the Nepali Bhadra month (August – September) or Shravan Maas. In 2019, GaiJatra date is August 16. Usually, Gai Jatra festival is celebrated on the next day to Janai Purnima or Shravan Purnima. Gai Jatara celebrates the procession of cows, […]

Tihar 2018 in Nepal

Tihar (Yama Panchak) is a five-day festival celebrated in Nepal after Dashain festival. In 2018, Tihar in Nepal starts on November 5 and ends on November 9. It is celebrated in Kartik month as per Nepali calendar. On five days of Tihar, five special rituals are performed. Kag Puja, Kukur Puja, Gai Puja, Govardhan Puja, […]

JivitPutrika Vrat 2018 | Jitiya Puja in Bihar

JivitPutrika vrat (Jitiya Puja) is one of the popular festivals of Bihar and Nepal observed in September – October. In 2018, Jivatputrika Vrat date is October 2. Jivatputrika Vrat Paaran date – October 2, 2018. Jitiya Puja Paaran Time on 2 October 2018 It is observed on eighth day in Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month […]

Animal Sacrifices banned in Gadhimai Festival, Nepal

Animal Sacrifice banned at Gadhimai Festival of Nepal from this year (2015). On July 28, 2015 Ghadimai Temple Trust hereby declares formal decision to end animal sacrifice, which had been continuing for the last 265 years. Gadhimai festival is a sacrificial ceremony that is held every 5 years at the Gadhimai Temple of Bariyarpur, in […]