Friendship & Enmity

Friendship and enmity are the two opposite terms. Developing friendship with good persons is well appreciable, whereas showing enmity with others would cause severe impact on their life. Whether developing friendship or not, that is not a problem, but getting enemies is a worst thing, which we should never do in our life.

In general people engage in big as well as in small business would generally be the competitors and in course of time, they would become enemies. If we have enemies in our life, then our life would become terrible. We can’t eat, sleep and could not properly concentrate our attention on doing our work.

Enmity can occur between two or more persons at any time. It all depends on our patience and the withstanding power. Whenever a person talks wrong about us either directly or to some other person, we must maintain silence, and must leave that place immediately. Arguing and advising to adamant people is similar to playing the conch in the ears of the deaf person.

In Mahabharata, we all know about the great friendship between Duryodana and Karna. Though Duryodana was a cruel person, with regard to his friend Karna, he loved him so much and treated him as his best friend. He made Karna to become the king of a small region, and gifted him lot of wealth. When Karna plays games with the wife of Duryodana and when he playfully held her hands treating her as his own sister,his friend Duryodana never doubted the conduct of Karna. They maintained such a good friendship.

In Mahabharata, Lord Krishna acted as a friend, philosopher and guide to the Pandavas, and helped them at his level best, and made them to succeed in the Kurukshetra war. According to a famous proverb, “an enemy can be formed at any time, but forming friendship is very difficult”.

Nowadays, if we read in newspapers, some friends are becoming enemies and spoiling the families of their best friends. But it is applicable only in few cases, and not all the friendly relationships would end up with enmity. It also depends on the give and take policy, our patience and maintenance of some distance even with our best friends.

Let us consider the almighty as our best friend and tell all of our happiness and sufferings to him, and he would definitely answer us during our dreams, and be with us forever.


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