Food, Clothing & Shelter – Basic Needs for a Human being

Food, clothing and shelter are considered as the main three essentials in our life. Without food we cannot live in this world, and next, in order to maintain our honour in this society, we have to get dressed in a proper manner. The third one is shelter. Without having a home, it is highly difficult. Living in the streets is not possible for us, since we would get disturbed from dog barks, we would get problems from drunkards and also from social criminals.

Hence all these three are considered as the main gift offered by the god to us. Before staring our daily prayers, first we have to thank the god, for offering these three main essentials in our life.

The life of the human beings is difficult than that of the animals and the birds. Other living beings can also eat the scattered food in the streets, and for them, there is no need to wear any clothes in their body, and they also use the entire world as their living place, and some birds and animals like sparrows and squirrels would willfully enter in our houses, and would build nests, and they are considered as the unwelcomed guests to our houses.

But for human beings, for owning even a small portion of land, we have to pay large amount from our pocket. And we also they require lot of building materials for construction purpose. And even after constructing our homes, there is a need to pay government taxes and must have to take care of our homes from thieves and from dust, pollution and storms etc.

In general, we could not live like a saint in the mountain caves or in the forest ashrams. Daily we require sufficient food for our survival, and also we require lot of money for our other household activities like purchase of electronic appliances and costly items like cars and two wheelers etc. Human mind would never get satisfied, and it makes us to spend more and more money even for purchase of unimportant items.

Whatever given by the god we have to accept it whole heartedly and must run our life in a satisfactory manner. We can always compare ourselves with poor people, but if we compare ourselves with rich people, we would never get peace of mind, and we would keep on thinking about our position only.

Even if we belong to a poor class family, we must have to allocate some money for doing some help for charitable purposes. We can provide food to the hungry people, and can watch their satisfactory smile after they finish eating our food. We can gift nice clothes to the road side beggars, and at least once in a week, we can also take them to a hotel and make them to get their belly filled up with full of delicious food which they would prefer to eat.

Whenever we come across any destitute, we can admit them in the destitute homes, and can give a new life for them.

Human lives is filled up with full of miseries and sorrows. And hence, let us change that into happiness by doing lot of good activities to the poor and the needy.


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