Experience can be achieved through God’s grace

Experience means the things which we have done so far in our life, and the knowledge which we get through our hard work. Without sufficient experience, we cannot come up in our life. But experience can be achieved through the grace of the almighty.

Whenever we finish our degree/engineering or any other course, without having proper experience we cannot get a job. For that, we have to seek the blessings of the almighty, and request him to build up a proper career path in our life. We should realize that we can gain sufficient experience only through the grace of the almighty. Through the grace of the god, we can even lift the mountains with our hands.

In the advertisement given in the newspapers we can find, the wording “WE REQUIRE ONLY EXPERIENCED PERSONS”. In an advertisement in a newspaper which appeared before 20 years, the employers had given like this, “HEY YOU YOUNG BLOOD,WALK IN FOR AN INTERVIEW.GOOD JOB OPPORTUNITY WAITS FOR YOU. BUT YOU HAVE TO BE LIKE A SPORTS BALL”. Likewise, even in case of small jobs, the employers seek for only talented, well experienced and healthy persons in the relevant field.

We can see some politicians who shine bright in their career. It was made possible for them due to their rich experience in the politics. Famous actors and actress like Sri ShivajiGanesan, Sri M.G.Ramachandran and Smt Savithri had shined well in their film career due to their rich experience. Skilled workers like Plumbers, Fitters and Electricians are performing very well in their career, due to their vast experience in their respective field.

In some companies, the trainees would suffer a lot before getting suitable experience in their field. They would have to work hard for hours together, in order to get themselves trained in their relevant field. Ancient kings used to train their soldiers properly before using them during the times of war. The Thanjavur Big Temple was built before 1000 years by the great “Raja rajachola”, using well experienced architects and builders, and due to that, still now the temple is considered as one of the historical monuments in the world.

The great Madhwa saints like Vyasaraja, Sripadaraja and Vadiraja have shined well in the spiritual field, due to their rich experience in Vedic education.

In most of the companies, even if the staff possess rich experience, but if they look dull and tired, the employers would throw them out immediately. Hence, even if we have suitable experience in our field, we have to update our knowledge regularly, and must also look fresh and healthy before our employers, in order to survive in our life.

Let us worship Lord Dhanvantri, the god of health, and be blessed.


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