Everything belongs to God

Yes. Everything belongs to God, since he is the one who created all the living beings in the earth, and in the heaven, and he is the one who gives wealth to us for running our life. Every day while spending money we have to thank the god, for giving sufficient money to run our family. We may be a rich man owning a dozen cars with us, but we can utilize the comforts and luxuries only for a certain period of time.

God is the real owner of our things, and we are only the temporary owners of our possessions like house property, car, bank deposits, lands, jewellery etc. Our names were already written in the account book of Lord Chitragupta, and once if our death time comes, nobody would save us from Lord Yama. Though in general, we are responsible for our belongings but actually it is the god who owns everything belong to us.

Hence before our death, we must have to do all kinds of charitable activities to the poor people and to help in the day to day affairs of the temples. If there is a possibility to take our valuables after our death, then everybody would prefer for that. But unfortunately, such kind of facility is not available for us and hence, we have to die with our empty hand only.All the religions preach to do only good things in our life, and the great Prophet Mohammed asks us to do charitable activities throughout our life, and he didn’t want the hungry people to starve in their life.

Lord Krishna in his Bhagavat Gita tells, you are allowed to enjoy the comforts and luxuries and the things you possess only for a particular period of time, and after that, it passes on to another, then again it would reach to the another person like that. He further tells not to spend our time just for saving money in our life. Since, when our life ends, nothing would come with us, and hence let us involve ourselves in spiritual thoughts, and worship Lord Krishna whole heartedly, and submit all of our wealth under his feet, and let us hope to attain salvation after our death.


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