Use Entire energy for Spreading Spiritual Significance of Gods & Goddesses

Daily we are using our energy for useless purposes like talking and quarreling with our family members, singing film songs and interacting with our friends and neighbours. For doing all these sort of things, we are wasting lot of energy. But still we are not stopping the habit, and we are continuously doing the same act again and again. By regularly talking for hours together with others, our vocal cord would be affected, and in course of time, we would even lose our speech.

But if we use our entire energy for spreading spiritual matters and for praising the spiritual significance of the saints, gods and goddesses, we would never get any health related problems, and our body would be very strong. So far, we never heard about the loss of speech of the people who involve themselves in spiritual activities like performing spiritual discourses, singing devotional songs and playing musical instruments like Nadaswaram in the temples. God would always encourage our spiritual activities, and he would reward for our good behaviour.

But most of people are very much interested to discuss about political matters, matters about their neighbours and about cinema personalities. We are not going to get anything in our life, by taking about unnecessary things. Though we would get some temporary satisfaction on that, but it would not last long. If we utilize our energy on productive matters, and on spiritual things, we would get good mental satisfaction.

In free time, we can go to old age homes, and can read the holy texts like Bhagavatham, Ramayanam and Puranas to the old aged people, and can see the satisfied smiles on their face, and also we can receive their blessings, which would safeguard as a protective shield in our lives. Likewise we can also visit orphanages, and read the holy texts to the young orphaned children, and must make them to realise that the divine deities would act like their parents, and would come along with them in their all walks of life.


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