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Ekavimsati Mahadoshas in Muhurtha Setting (21 Great Evils)

There are 21 Mahadoshas (evils) in setting a Shubha Muhurat (auspicious muhurtham) for any ritual. We need to consider these 21 Mahadoshas and rectify them or set the muhurat while the dosha is absent.

There are said to be 21 great evils (ekavimsati mahadoshas) which are to be avoided for any auspicious work. But when one finds it difficult to avoid them because of astrological impossibility or circumstantial inability, one can take advantage of the neutralising combinations which are generally supposed to act as antidotes. We may just make a passing reference to these 21 great evils for the information of the readers.

21 Mahadoshas for Muhurtham setting:

  1. Panchanga Suddhi
  2. Surya Sankramana
  3. Karthari Dosha
  4. Shashtashta Riphagatha Chandra Dosha
  5. Sagraha Chandra Dosha
  6. Udayasta Suddhi
  7. Durmuhurtha
  8. Gandanthara
  9. Bhrigu Shatka
  10. Kujasthama
  11. Ashtama Lagna Dosha
  12. Rasi Visha Ghatika
  13. Kunavamsa Dosha
  14. Varadosha
  15. Grahanothpatha Dosha
  16. Ekargala Dosha
  17. Krura Samyuta Dosha
  18. Akalagharjitha Vrishti Dosha
  19. Mahapatha Dosha
  20. Vaidhruthi Dosha

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  1. Sreenivasa Rao Desabhatla says:

    In the list if 21 Mahadoshas narrated by Rishis contains kharjurika samangrikam is mentioned. But here the author has omitted that. In this Maha Dosha ,on any day the muhurtha is fixed the Sun and Moon should not be in the Star in the same line in the Kharjurika Chakram. This is an important dosha to be avoided while fixing the Marriage and Upanayanam Muhurtha
    Sreenivas Desabhatla
    CEO Sree Astro Point of India

  2. Pusha says:

    THERE are said to be 21 great evils (ekavimsati mahadoshas)

  3. Amshul says:

    how can i know whether my baby is born in gandanthara lagnam