Ego in Life

Ego is an act of dominating others, and considering ourselves as supreme among others. Now most of the married people get separated due to their ego. Couples must respect each other, and must throw out their ego, in order to lead a happy life. In some companies, the immediate bosses would show their ego on others, and due to that their subordinates would suffer a lot. In general, our parents didn’t show their ego on us, and they lives only for our sake.

Lord Krishna never showed ego on others, and he has even respected his attendants and servants, and showed good attention on him. We can take Bhagavan Krishna as an example on all matters, and can easily lead our life in a disciplined manner. Bhakta Dhruva after becoming a divine star in the sky didn’t show ego on others. The great Dhruva is even controlling the Sun and the Moon and also the Saptharishi Mandala through his great powers, but for several millions of years, he remains as calm and a great person. He is a sincere devotee of Lord Vishnu, and still now he is offering his regular prayers to Lord Vishnu from the Divine star world.

The great Bhakta Prahlada after the death of his father Hiranyakashipu, had expanded his kingdom, and he ruled almost the entire world through his spiritual powers. Still then he acted in a kindly manner with his people and with other small kings and he didn’t show ego on them. Lord Buddha who once went to the Brahma Loka with his physical body, didn’t get pride, and remained as a humble person throughout his life. He used to take alms for filling his stomach, and sometimes he used to meditate even without eating food.

But we are all very small and tiny persons when compared with divine saints and godly persons, and we are having only a short period of life, but we are showing ego on others and praising ourselves highly, and quickly developing the bad habits like lust, ego, pride and anger, and as a result of this, we are losing our lives very quickly.

Hence let us remove our ego, cultivate good habits in our life, let us worship Bhagavan Krishna, and be blessed.


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