Dowry Harassment, a Social Evil

The dowry system in India refers to the things that the bride’s family gives to the bridegroom, either before or after the marriage. The dowry system must be abolished, since it causes heavy financial burden on the bride’s family.In some situations, the dowry system leads to committing harm against women, by attacking them by their husband and by their in laws.

The payment of dowry has been prohibited under the Dowry Prohibition Act. But even then, most of the bride grooms family are demanding dowry from the bride’s family which includes heavy cash, car and even house property etc. Even after getting the required things from the bride’s family, some bride grooms, may cause physical injury to the bride, and may send them to their parental homes, by quoting some silly reasons.

Some girls feel that they didn’t want to be a burden for their parents, and may commit suicide also. This may result in permanent depression in the minds of the bride’s parents, and they would live their life without any peace.

Dowry system prevails for several centuries and lot of social enthusiasts and social reformers were fought for the rights of the women, and they tried to abolish the system of dowry payment. Rajaram Mohan Rai had abolished the system of SATI, wife entering into the pyre of her husband, after his death.

Regularly we are reading in newspapers and magazines about the death of brides due to dowry harassment. The young girls must be brave enough to fight against injustice, and strongly object giving dowry payment to the bridegroom’s family. They must realize that they are all the forms of Mata Durga Devi, and must be bold enough to face any kind of difficult situation in their life. They should be prepared to give even a written complaint about the dowry harassment given by the bridegroom’s family to the police. They must be the New Generation Girls, as the great Bharati mentioned in his poems.

Kavimani Desikavinayakam Pillai in his poem has written the verses “IN ORDER TO BE BORN AS A FEMALE, ONE MUST HAVE DONE GOOD KARMIC DEEDS IN THEIR PREVIOUS BIRTH”. Similar to that, women must not underestimate themselves, and must fought for their rights, and strongly object the system of Dowry payment.


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