Dolotsavam at Arasavalli Temple

Dolotsavam is a famous ritual conducted at Arasavalli Surya Narayana Swamy Temple during Holika Purnima (Holi festival). This comes in the month of March i.e Phalguna Suddha Tryodasi, Chaturdasi & Pournima.

On Tryodasi (i.e. 1st day) at 6pm Kamadahanam festival is celebrated. Dry grass (straw) is burnt as a sign of victory over evil desires. This ritual performed at 7pm in the holy garden with the procession of Lord taken in procession.

On the third day ie on the Dolotsavam day the lord will be cradled in the holy garden at the outskirts. This cradle is known as Dola.

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