Physically Challenged People

Physically Challenged people are the worst sufferers in this world. Those people must be respected and treated in a kind manner. Physically challenged people would be suffering from blindness, lameness, handless, dumb and deaf etc. Those people must be considered as the special gifts of the god, and they must be placed in a suitable position in their life. Many institutes are taking care of those people and they are providing free food, clothing and accommodation.

Generally it is believed that those who commit big sins in their previous births would be born as handicapped in their subsequent births. Though it is not possible for us to change their disabilities, at least we can show our love and affection on them, and can lend our helping hands on them.

Some physically challenged people would end up their lives, since they may find it very difficult to take care of their lives, whereas some people would confidently live their lives, and would exhibit their talents and skills, and prove themselves as talented among others.

Some people would turn into beggars, and spent their life by the way of begging. They would wander in the streets, and would create sympathy on them, and would ask for money or food.
Some beggars would steal the young babies from the hospitals or in houses, and would make use of them for the purpose of begging.

The young child may lose their eye sight or their other parts of the body for the purpose of begging, and they would be severely tortured by the beggars, if they didn’t receive sufficient money from begging. Hence the physically challenged people must be given proper employment opportunities, or they can be given an interest free hand loan for starting a new establishment on their own. They must be motivated in various ways, and the philanthropists, the general public and the social activists must take various steps to improve their standard of living.

We also have to encourage them in various ways and must support them in their business by buying the products in their shops. Based on their religion, interested people can gift Hindu Devotional books/ Christian Books and Quran to them. We can also help the blind people by reading the divine texts for them, and also can explain the greatness of the almighty.

Let us do selfless service to the physically challenged people and be blessed.


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