Divine Teachings

Divine teachings contain the teachings given by the great gods, demi gods, rishis and saints and the teachings contained in the great epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata and Bhagavat Gita. By reading these teachings, we will be able to live a peaceful and a sin free life without much difficulties in our life, since these teachings […]

Divine Love


Divine love is entirely different from ordinary love. Ordinary love,that is the love affair between the lovers would mostly consists of lust, selfishness and jealousy, whereas Divine love contains purity, and this love comes only from our soul and not from our sensual feelings. Loving our father, mother, sister and brother is one step above […]

Divine Thoughts

Thinking about the great almighty and realizing him gives pleasantness to us. There is a lot of difference between thinking about humans and god. If we keep on thinking about our relatives, friends and our well-wishers, sometime or other time, we would get tiredness. But if we keep on thinking about the almighty, we would […]