Divine Mantras alone would Cure our Diseases

Divine mantras are having the powers even to cure dreaded diseases like cancer, leprosy and tuberculosis. In Hinduism, Mantras are given more importance, and in almost all the temples, mantras would be chanted for several times by the priests in order to please the divine deities.

Lord Dhanvantri is considered as the god of medicine, and he is the god of Ayurveda medicine, and he has emerged from the milk ocean with an Amirta pot in his hand. There are some temples dedicated for Lord Dhanvantri and it is situated throughout India.

In ancient times, people used to give Ayurveda medicines during the times of sickness of their children, and along with that, they would chant the Dhanavantri mantra, in order to get a faster relief from the sickness. If a person is bitten by a snake, people used to recite the Garuda Mantra, in order to remove the poison from the body of the infected person. Apart from Dhanvantri mantra, we can also chant the mantras of Sri AshviniDevata, the divine physicians and the son of Lord Surya.

It is a general practice, that if a person gets admits in a hospital and if he didn’t get recovered from his illness, the doctors would say, “It is not in my control. Pray to the god, and chant the mantras, then let us see”. To a certain extent only, humans would be able to give medical treatment and if still the patient didn’t recover from his diseases the only way is to seek help from the almighty.

Generally if some big politicians or some big actors get admitted in the hospital, then their admirers would worship the god in the temples and would perform pujas for them. At our final stages of life, we can’t seek help from anybody, since we would not be in a position to talk with others. That time, we can keep telling the divine mantras from our heart itself, in order to get a peaceful and a painless death. Each and every second, we must have to realize that, “EVERYTHING IS UNDER THE CONTROL OF THE GOD”.


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