Deer in Hinduism – Vehicle of Vayu Deva | Stories of Jadabharata & Pandu

Vayu Deva on Deer vehicle

Vayu Deva on Deer vehicle

Deer are very gentle and sattvic animals, which would usually live in the forests. They cannot be tamed or brought up by the people, since doing such is prohibited by the Wild life Act.

Deer are mentioned in ancient Puranas, Vedas and other texts, and mostly it would be hunted by the kings during their visits to the forests. Deer also would be killed by wild animals such as lions, tigers, jackals and bears etc. Deer is the divine vehicle of Lord Vayu Bhagavan, and it serves him faithfully for several millions of years.

According to the Indian Wild Life Act, killing of deer is strictly prohibited, and doing such an act by the people would be awarded with severe punishment.

The great sage Jadabharata, an aspect of Lord Brahma, in his previous birth took the form of a deer, and lived a noble life.

Once the great sage Kindama took the form of a deer, and he tried to unite with a female deer. At that time, mistakenly, the great King Pandu, shot an arrow and killed him. The great queen Shakunthala, the wife of Dushyanta was very fond of deer, and she used to provide grass, fruits and vegetables to them, and she was brought up by Rishi Kanva in the forest.

Whenever we visit the zoo, after getting the permission from the zoo authorities, let us provide food to the deer, and be blessed.


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