Vayudeva Mahatmyam | Significance of Vayu Bhagavan

Lord Vayu is the wind god, and he contains enormous powers.He is the son of Rishi Kashyapa and Aditi, and he is considered as one of the powerful demi gods, who discharges his duties in an excellent manner. He is the father of Lord Hanuman andBheemaand they sincerely served Lord Rama and Lord Krishna in […]

Vayu Deva | Vayu Bhagavan | Lord of Winds in Hinduism

Vayu is a Hindu deity, the wind god, and the father of Hanuman and Bheema. He is controlled by Lord Indra, the god of heavens. And he is a sincere devotee of Lord Vishnu. IMPORTANCE He was the father of Lord Hanuman in Tretayuga, and has done a great service to Lord Rama. He was […]

Svasti | Swasti Devi | Svasti Mata | Consort of Vayu Deva

Goddess Swasti Devi is the consort of Lord Vayu, the Wind god. She is mentioned in Vedas and Puranas and contains great powers similar to her consort Lord Vayu Deva. Maa Swasti is believed to be the daughter of Lord Viswakarma, the Divine Architect, and since Lord Vayu was very much impressed with the beauty […]

Deer in Hinduism – Vehicle of Vayu Deva | Stories of Jadabharata & Pandu

Deer are very gentle and sattvic animals, which would usually live in the forests. They cannot be tamed or brought up by the people, since doing such is prohibited by the Wild life Act. Deer are mentioned in ancient Puranas, Vedas and other texts, and mostly it would be hunted by the kings during their […]