Daily Puja at Kadampuzha Devi Temple

Daily Puja at Kadampuzha Devi Temple – There are two main daily rituals at the Kadampuzha Devi Temple, Kerala.

Poomoodal (covering the deity under a heap of freshly picked flowers) is the highest puja done in the temple. The Poomoodal offering is being done between 0900-1100 after which the temple will be closed after morning pujas by 1100.

Muttarukkal, another offering, involves breaking coconuts before the deity by the pujari, correctly into two equal halves, and is used for warding away problems in the life of the devotees. The word itself means “keeping away obstacles”. If an offered coconut fails to be broken into two exact halves, then fresh coconuts are broken until one is broken “correctly” – ensuring that the problem has been solved by the divine interference of the deity.

The Muttarukkal offering is being done only in the morning i.e. between 0500 and 0700 on weekdays. On Sundays the timings for the Muttarukkal offering is also allowed between 1500-1745 in addition to the morning time. The counter timings in the evenings are between 1530-1700 on Sundays.

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